Sharepoint automatic logons not working

I recently setup a sharepoint(WSS) site with our hosting provider. I am trying to allow users to logon and have their credentials saved, so they don't have to enter every time they go to the site. The sharepoint site has a checkbox to allow them to sign in automatically(see image)
However, every time I select this option it doesn't sign me in automatically.
I called the hosting provider. They told me it has to do with my internet explorer security.
I have searched all over google for settings to allow this to work. I still cannot get it to work. My users are on a domain. The sharepoint site is on the internet. I have added the site to trusted sites, selected autologon with current credentials, and without. I have tried many suggestions with no luck. I fairly sure someone on this site has run into a similar issue. Please help before I pull all my hair out. All suggestions are greatly appreciated
Thank you
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Norman MainaCommented:
Take these steps:
1.Add the URL of the site to the Intranet sites list in Internet Explorer.
2.On the security settings under the Intranet zone(you have to click customize) -scroll to the bottom and make sure that you enable enable automatic logon
(see image)
Norman MainaCommented:
if your organization has a domain -you can enforce these settings through a GPO -across the organization.So you dont have to go to each users computer to change the settings.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
I have tried that with no success. I tried it again a few minutes ago. its a No go. any other suggestions.

If i can get it to work on one, I would love to create a GPO for domain. Do you think the issue lis with current GPO on domain? Its pretty close to default.
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Norman MainaCommented:
Yes the issue could be with the GPO - you can also try putting the site on the Trusted Sites zone and then change the security settings for that zone to automatic logon with current credentials.

The other thing, ask your hosting provider the authentication type that they are using for the SharePOitn site.
The suggestion above assumes Integrated Authentication using NTLM.
I dont know how hosted your SharePoint site is configured-but with Integrated Authentication -it means that SharePoint with pick user credentials from your AD.

If its not windows authentication you are using then what you need to do is to save the users password on first logon in Internet explorer.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
I have tried trusted site with automatic login with current credentials. It didn't work. I think because im not using the same credentials as AD. So its not NTLM.
The host told me I needed to adjust my IE settings. I believe I have adjusted just about everything. I also tried adding a managed credentials setting to my user account in the control panel for the sharepoint domain address.
I can see the cookie that the browser created for the SP site, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
I know im jumping around a bit.
Maybe this will help a little. If I log on to site and close browser, I can get back on the site again. It times out after about 15 min.
Norman MainaCommented:
OK, then you need to change the setting from automatic logon -because that uses the windows logged in credentials.

What you need the browser to do is just remember the username and password for that site.Thats all.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
I set it as autologin only for intranet zones. That also didn't work. I havent tried the other two settings yet. I figured they weren't an option. How can I get the browser to remember user and password for only that site.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
Ok. So it appers by simply clicking on the automatic login box on the sharepoint site it creates a cookie that allows me to bypass login, but this cookie times out after 30 min. I have contacted the hosting provider and opened a ticket requesting the default cookie expiration to be increased to a week or more if they'll allow it. I will post the results ASAP.
I really hope this will solve my issue.
Thank you Norman for your insight. If nothing else, I got a nice crash course in browser security.
Of course if the cookie solution doesn't work, I'll be back to square one!!
Norman MainaCommented:
When you login to any site with your browser - a cookie is created.Some sites create cookies as you browse them to locally store preferances,images etc to boost performance.

Internet explorer security settings controls /regulates this behavious because it can be emulated by malicious software/code.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
so would you agree that this 30 min timeout period could be the root of my problem?
Norman MainaCommented:
was it the same in the begginin?,you did not state that in your question.

But yes that could be the problem -cookie expiry period.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
I am new to sharepoint and IIS settings. You are right though, I really wasn't sure how to post this question. I should have posted the 30 min timeout, I thought it was irrelevent at the time.
Norman MainaCommented:
With all the new info you have now -its so clear in your mind what the problem is.

Wasnt that the objective in the fist place?
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
Yes. It will be clearer in hindsight. haha.
Thanks Norman
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
Well, It seems the hosting provider is unable/unwilling to change the IIS cookie expiration for me. Once again I am back where I started. There must be another way. Anyone?

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Norman MainaCommented:
You can try this cookie manager:
-Ive not tried it,actually googled to see if this was possible or not.My first reactionw as that you cant edit cookies -but hey,try and see if this works.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
Nobody gave me an answer
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