Crystal Reports: Sum group totals in a formula style

Hi Experts,

This is driving me crazy..
I have a report that I am trying to use this type of formula.  impact score / group (total impact score).

What this means is that I am trying to show  for each record (row), divide the impact score into the total impact score of the the group.  Key word is the group.  If I create a formula like Sum({Impact_score})  it gives me the total for the report not the group.

Any ideas?
Maliki HassaniAsked:
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Try it this way

{ImpactField} / Sum({Impact_score},{GroupField})

Maliki HassaniAuthor Commented:
Great..  I think this should work.  I will let you know.. Thanks
Maliki HassaniAuthor Commented:
Perfect!!  Thank you
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