No access to OWA since public IP address change.

I recently needed to change our static public IP address for our domain so our network could use a new fibre link rather than an older slower copper one. Our Exchange server 2010 on an SBS 2011 DC had worked and run OWA fine until the change-over. Now my users can't log in remotely athough OWA works fine internally.

I also changed the router from a Netgear FVS318 to a Cisco-branded Lynksys RV042 for a VPN to a branch office and have forwarded both ports 80 & 443 on the router to the Exchange server but externally only port 443 appears to be open and traffic can't pass through 80 to the server. Our ISP has confirmed they are not blocking port 80 and I can telnet the server on 80 from the internal network.

Looking at the IIS Manager i notice that there is a question mark over the globe for 'Default Web Site' and there doesn't seem to be a clue as to what the ? mark is referring to.

Would the server be blocking access via HTTP to port 80 from the router? Could there be an issue with the bidings. Or could I have a fault with the router?
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My first thought would be an issue at the gateway. Have you checked your NAT configuration and firewall settings?
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
What you dont mention is have you changed your external DNS records that point at your webmail ?
This will need to point to your new external IP and not the old one.
A few things
 - make sure all those registry settings and configuration files don't have the IP number hardwired in any of the OWA services.

You might also create another OWA instance (been years, I THINK you can do this) that uses the domain name, and just see if that instance works.  If it does, then you are home free.

Purge all arp tables & DNS stuuff
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astgpaulAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all coming back so quickly. I'm wondering if this is a certificate issue. If I try to connect using https I get a warning about an insecure site, accept the warning, register the exception and then get a 404 Not Found 'The requested URL /owa was not found on this server'
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
I repeat as you have not answered. Have you updated your external DNS records and confirmed that replication/propergation has taken place?

do you get the correct IP address if you try

PING  from an EXTERNAL computer?
astgpaulAuthor Commented:
Neilsr - I have considered your comments about the dns records and I'm going to look into this when the domain hosting company open in the morning (I'm in the UK).

Thanks - I'll let you know.
If you can get to a unix box do this, assuming your domain is and dns is

set host
set type=any

This will reveal everything that the DNS server is putting out there, including the MX records and the TTL.

You can then repeat by doing another set host  and use a different name server, to see what any nameserver of your choice is presenting.  Maybe one of your internal machines or the sbs server itself is wrong.

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astgpaulAuthor Commented:
Thanks to those that provided suggestions. It would appear the router can't port forward 443 while also handling VPN.
Really? What router is that.  (So I can be sure to avoid that POS)
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