100 Base FX upgrade to 1000 Base SX?

Right now we have 2 buildings connected to each other using a Fiber Media converter box.  I have a set of switches in each building and building to building connection goes through a 10/100 Base FX to 10/100 Base TX Converter box Auto Negotiation enabled.  Both buildings have this box with SC connections.  Now I am upgrading my switched to Gig Switches in both buildings.  Can I get a 10/100/1000 Base SX converter box on both ends to make it work?  Like this one?  
What is the difference between the FX, SX and if I get the same type at both ends will it work?  I am unfamiliar with fiber so any suggestions or information would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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BDC-NetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SX should be fine then...
How long is the fiber run? FX is 100mb fiber and SX is short haul. Depending on the distance you might need LX, but probably not if it worked with FX. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work just fine.
jxg32Author Commented:
Both buildings are a little over 100 meters.
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