Replacing Folder Redirection Hard Drive here is the situation. We have folder redirection on a ReadyNAS Pro unit. We just had to RMA the chassis and now we are still having a few issues waiting on level 3 support to telnet in and get back to me.

I am wondering, if we have to replace the hard drives in this NAS and obviously lose the data, what is the best practice for folder redirection. I have never ran into this and want to avoid folder redirection removing the documents from the local machines since the server folder will be empty.

This situation just came up so I am about to do some research. Just wanted to post here since everyone on this site has been so helpful on my other issues in the past.
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I wouldn't use it, in my opinion. Regardless of Microsoft "Case Studies" done by Microsoft, it slows the connectivity down. I create an H: (Home Drive) on the network and map it to everyone when logging in. I use the wildcard for their login name to name the folder and tighten the permissions - i.e. \\nas\shares\%username%\ I then tell users to SAVE EVERYTHING THERE (to their H Drive), if they don't, their loss. They have been trained and trained to make it 2nd nature. I think this is faster and performs better than redirection. This has all been from my past experience.
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Geodash: I appreciate the feedback and will look into that further...but we use Folder Redirection in all our AD environments and have had great experience with it.(except for the desktop w/XP) It is currently implemented in this environment and I am not looking to change. They are going through a lot of technological changes/upgrades at the moment and adding anything to that is bad for business.

I just need to know the best practices for the situation that I have listed...
I understand what you mean. This article is right on queue with what MS deems as Best Practice for folder redirection in w2k8r2 -

or you can refer to the Server R2 Book that talks about folder Redirection - Which is the same in w2k8 and w28r2
AppnetAuthor Commented:
I just skimmed through those links....and they seem to cover the basics of setting up folder redirection and the basic overview, which i understand. I am wanting to see what people have done in the current situation that I am in. It was setup and working fine...the issue I am worried about is if the HDDs in the NAS have to be replaced and we have to reconfigure the GP for folder redirection telling the workstations to sync, and then wiping that is in the local workstations. I want to make sure that the server looks and copies over what is on the local workstations.

From what I gather that should happen, but again...this is the first time I have had to deal with the potential of replacing a HDD that contained folder redirection data...
In server 2003, the way we accomplished this was to redirect all folders back to the users PC, run a /gpupdate on all clients, and verify that the data is local instead of being redirected. Then, after the HDD's are replaced, redirect it again to the locations on the NAS where you want them to go. Depending on the number of users, you may want to do it in stages because it could be a lot of data,

In server 2008, it appears that the process stays the same, just the policies slightly differ. At the bottom of this article, it states what to do to remove the policy

In the GP, there is an option to "Redirect the folder back to the original location" per the attached screenshot.

After you have verified that all of the users have gotten the new policy and the redirections are now local, then you can do the GP again to go to the new location, the fixed NAS.

Just make sure you give it time, or force a /gpupdate on all clients after you make the GPO change

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