WMP keeps adding track numbers to audio files

I'm using Windows 7. Something, and I assume it's Windows Media Player, keeps adding track numbers to my audio files. However, many of them already have leading track numbers. I can remove them with mp3tag, but they keep coming back.
Any ideas?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
In Windows Media Player options under library, uncheck rename files according to rip music settings
Are they duplicates?
How are you adding them to WMP?
I don't see any options under library in wmp 12
But if I go to Tools then options library tab there is a list of options there
one setting is to allow to wmp to rename music files using rip settings untick that
must be how it's automatically importing the updating the library
wmp 12 tools options library tab settingssorry I just saw  ve3ofa suggestion so take it as an addition
etech0Author Commented:
@ve3ofa: it's not checked off.
@Merete: they were not duplicates. I just started getting duplicates of my audio files, but both copies have the extra track number. I don't know if this is a related issue or not. The files were added to my library a while ago, using the "Add to Library" option when I first set up WMP. Another possible related issue is that when playing a playlist, every so often WMP jumps to the next track before finishing the current one. You can see my question: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Digital_Living/Digital_Music/Q_27634914.html.
Again, I don't know if these are all related.
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etech0, if it's okay I'll just stick within this question, referring to your other question jumps over tracks my first thought is that the file is not complete somehow?
Or the audio format is different per track say one mp3 has acc or another is wma
I'd like to take a look at your problem tracks, do you have gspot?
Download it then drop a few different tracks on analyse it check what audio format is used and any other inconsistencies.
For some reason WMP is seeing them as different, could be duplicates one with a capital letter in the title or DRM are in place hidden somewhere.
Could be a no gap when ripped if that applies
Who knows but maybe the analyses of Gspot can find it.
etech0Author Commented:
As far as my other question, the files are complete. I know that from before, and also because it does not consistently jump from the same tracks/the same place in the track. All are mp3. Interestingly enough, the duplicates that I saw on Friday are gone.
Any ideas as far as this question? What's gspot?
Click on the link  :P
Establishes what video and audio codecs are required to play any video/audio as well. Shows framerate, duration, aspect ratio, bitrates, structure info, and more.
etech0Author Commented:
Downloading it now...
As far as the duplicate tracks, (which are no longer there), they both pointed to the same file!
etech0Author Commented:
I checked a few files, and they all said  MPEG-1 Layer 3. I don't see any other information. Can I load more than one file at a time? How?
Did you rip these tracks within WMP?
Here's an extract of the file naming convention

You can also change how Windows Media Player 12 formats the file names.
This won't affect how your songs will be displayed in the Library, since Windows Media Player 12 organizes and displays songs depending on their embedded track information.
The only time you will actually see the file name of your songs is when you are viewing it in Windows Explorer or on a device that cannot read the track information.

When you click 'File Name' you'll be brought to the 'File Name Options window.
Here, you'll see a list of details.
Check the box next to the item to include it in the file name.
Uncheck it to omit it.
You can also arrange the order in which the details appear, as well as what separates each detail.
In this example, you can see from the preview that the file name will be 'Track number - Artist - Song title'. So, for the CD that we are ripping, it will be '01 - The Good Life - Album of the Year', '02 - The Good Life - Night and Day', etc. When you're all finished, click OK.
 The best file name options to use largely depends on the system you use for organizing your songs on your hard drive.
For example, if you keep all of your songs in one folder, you might want to choose Artist - Album - Track number - Song title so you can quickly sort through albums and artists.
 If you keep each album in a separate folder, you might want to do 'Track number - Artist name - Track' title so it's easier to put albums in the right play order.
Whichever file naming scheme you come up with, it's best to keep it consistent so you can easily organize your audio files.

Otherwise your choices, rebuild the Windows Media Player database
To resolve this problem, clear the Windows Media Player database. To do this, follow these steps:
Exit Windows Media Player.
Click Start, run> type >  %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player >OK.
Select all the files in the folder, and then click Delete on the File menu.
Note You don't have to delete the folders that are in this folder only the data files.
Restart Windows Media Player.
Note Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.
If this does not resolve the problem, clear the Windows Media Player database cache files. To do this, follow these steps:
Exit Windows Media Player.
Click Start, type    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft       OK.
Select the Media Player folder, and then click Delete on theFile menu.
Restart Windows Media Player.
Note Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.
Clear database WMP 12
You cant drag a folder onto Gspot just highlight all your tracks within a folder and drag them on you'll see a message 14 queued or however many
then click on next track to view each
Gspot queued tracks
etech0Author Commented:
"Did you rip these tracks within WMP?"
--> Most of them, years ago

"When you click 'File Name' you'll be brought to the 'File Name Options window. "
--> Where can I click file name?

"Otherwise your choices, rebuild the Windows Media Player database "
--> Tried that already

re: Gspot
--> I get an error if I try to import a folder.

Take your time  etech0 and read what I write, I did say above the Gspot snap that can't drag a folder.
Moving on, you realize some changes you make won't apply until close WMP and a reboot probably
Then the next time you open WMP it rebuilds your database according to the settings you have made.
If you have included a USB drive that won't upload next time you open WMP if it is connected.
To locate the files names options open tools>open the Tab Rip music
Another thought I find where there is More than 3 digits like into the 100's the naming convention may decide to add 00 <>1 to cover the order so that they arrange in order from 001 to 300.

If you have more than one digit like 1 to 9  then 1 digit alone may not do as soon as you go over 10 that's one zero then the 1 is confusing so windows media player may rewrite it to 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 up to 3 digits if you get my drift to keep it inline through out.

WMP file renaming convention location

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etech0Author Commented:
I'm going to try Gspot now.
(My track numbers are all 2 digits, when necessary they have leading zeros)
etech0Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I'm too busy right now to try everything out, but I will eventually, and if the issue persists, I'll repost.
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