fast desktop at reasonable price

Can anyone recommend a desktop computer (windows 7 compatible) with the "fastest" cpu and at least 16 gig of memory at a good price. I have a I7 from 2 or 3 years ago now. Are they much faster now?
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Core I7 is still up there.
Try Dell, they are good and powerful and if you search the web you'll be able to find discount codes to use.
It's either that or a local dealer that will charge you more, but you'll be able to take it back to them if there are any problems really easily.

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Why not build one for yourself? It's a great experience and the warranties, parts, and overall quality are generally higher.

Building yourself a desktop allows for you to get exactly what you want at an often lower price, and it also gives you an invaluable experience.

If you're going that route, tell us what you want (more what you're doing with it), and set a max price.  I'm betting that you'll get some great advice.
if u don't care service then build yourself is most "FAST" at fairly low price.

you can refer the spec of other OEM supplier.
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If your not super tech savy have someone else build one for you. Its really not that difficult to get going. and are reliable sources for hardware and you can build an awesome system for thousands less than the brand names that use the same components ( Cough ) alienware (cough) .

Memory RAM
video Card ( dont do onboard video! )
and a Solid State hard drive.

The solid state drives are much much more fast for reading and writing and its amazing how one of these drives could even make your 3 year old machine act like a champ.

Most systems bottleneck on the hard drive reading and writing speeds.
Personally I wouldn't recommend it as it's a lot of time and effort, BUT if you do build one yourself, I would choose all your hardware elements and work out the total. Then take that list to your local computer supplier and see if they will get all the hardware and build it for you for the same or cheaper. I've done this before and it worked out cheaper for me and then were then available to fix/tweak anything for me.

I shy away from that now because it's a lot of research time because I WANT THE BEST and generally end up spending more because for only a few $$ more I could get this graphics card instead of that one and so on!

Good information building and learning exercise though if you did choose to.
Oh.. i failed to mention you would need a motherboard.. lol

you should go with a board for your needs. So if you edit video or like gaming get one that has awesome onboard sound and the latest PCI Express slot for video cards.

Check the ability and how much the board can handle for memory as well. I agree with Sam above. Research the components and find someone that knows what they are doing to help out. Not setting the processor right can cost you a bunch of money because that is an item you usually cant return and can be tricky if your not used to it. A bent pin can blow your whole operation and not applying thermal paste properly can burn it out. warranties do not cover this!
DrMadAxe is right about the Solid State HDD, gave my old laptop another 2 years of life. They can tend to be expensive though, so I would get a 128GB as and then a large normal HDD for file storage. This is my setup and it works very well.
Also then get another normal (cheap) 128GB HDD (or slightly bigger, whatever is cost effective) and clone your Solid State drive to it regularly. Again this has SAVED me a few times.
Check my post
I also agree with DrMadAxe; if you want a fast desktop, an SSD boot drive should be chosen second only to your Core i7 processor.

IMO, wait a couple of months for the Intel Core Family refresh. Newer, more powerful Core chips are right around the corner.
Yes! I agree with both of you too! Trying to keep up with the fastest  will also break the bank! In a few months that same system you are wanting to build right now that is mega awesome will be replaced with something supermegaawesome. and then that will be beat down by something else.  If you really want to get the fastest and best.. make friends with someone in the armed forces with a mega high security clearance and then bribe them in a back alley with several million dollars. You will either get an awesome system that wont be in the general population for 5 years.. or you may be shipped to a secret underground base and your entire existence in life erased. Its up to you : )
Which will also make the price drop of the current line of chips. But as Sirjacksinurbox says, there will always be new stuff and when do you say stop, I'm buying my PC NOW!
LOL, but if your budget is "several million dollars" save the hassle and go for an Alienware PC!
onyourmarkAuthor Commented:
Hello All. Thanks for the ideas. I guess I don't want to build my own. Have to go with Dell I guess.
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