Count months between 2 dates

I have a HP schedule and I want to count the months between todays date and the month the asset was purchased and I would like it to update each time I open the file

I have attached the file

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ltswebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I didn't see an attachment.  Would this work for you:

today      Date Aquired      Days      Months      rounded
3/21/2012      2/21/2010      759.00      25.3      25
=today()      enter date      =+E4-F4      =+G4/30      =ROUND(D2,0)

1st line is header
2nd line is data
3rd line is the formula I used

To put today's date in excel is =today()
I used /30 to calculate months (do you need to know actual months?)

If you need exact months, attach your spreadsheet.

Another option:
WCHH, That is a good one too.
recycleausAuthor Commented:
Yeh WCHH solution was good but I needed the months rounded up which is what the first solution was able to do

thanks to you both... i will remember the datedif for other application however
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