Assign Ip address to Cisco L2 switch

I have a Cisco Catalyst WS-2960-24TT and from my understanding this switch can only do layer 2. Anyway, what make me confused is I can create SVIs for my vlan10 and vlan20 on this switch. In other words, I can assign an IP address to each of my vlan. I thought that the switch only handle layer 2 features and assigning an IP address to a VLAN is more like a multilayer switch feature. Can somebody shed some light? Thx
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SVI on Cisco Integrated Services Routers is designed to provide basic Layer 3 functions for the Layer 2 switch ports that belong to a specific VLAN. The SVI does not provide the same feature set and functions as the integrated Layer 3 Ethernet ports of the integrated services routers and should not be used to entirely replace the Layer 3 Ethernet ports. Customer who need additional Layer 3 Ethernet ports for their Integrated Services Routers may consider the use of 1- and 2-Port Fast Ethernet High-Speed WIC for modular ISR platforms. The guidelines presented in this document summarize feature support considerations for an Integrated Services Router deployment that uses SVIs.
As you mentioned 2960 is L2 switch and can have only one SVI for management purpose and for troubleshooting purposes.
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biggynetAuthor Commented:
"As you mentioned 2960 is L2 switch and can have only one SVI for management purpose ". So why it let me assign IP addresses to the VLANs.
You can have as many VLANs as you want, and you can assign an IP address to a VLAN, but when you assign an IP to a VLAN, any other IP address on other vlans will be disabled.  The IP address is for management only, and it's to be used as a gateway, but it can be on any VLAN...

I think if you already have a VLAN interface with an IP, and you enable a second IP, the first VLAN interface is administratively shutdown.   (Not the vlan itself, just the vlan ip interface)

Does that clarify?
biggynetAuthor Commented:
I did not have any devices connected to the ports. But I assigned the IP addresses to 3 vlans. I did the show ip int br and all the vlans are up.

interface Vlan1
 ip address
interface Vlan10
 ip address
interface Vlan20
 ip address

switch#sh ip int br
Vlan1                YES manual up                    down
Vlan10             YES manual up                    down
Vlan20             YES manual up                    down
Interesting..  I think that's a change from the old switches..  I just remember thinking "why did my other vlan go down?"

I'd say you're still not going to get it to ROUTE - it may be that you just will have access to the switch from any vlan, for management purposes...
biggynetAuthor Commented:
Yes I cannot route because it won't let me do any static route command or the switch IP ROUTING command. But it is interesting that you can configure the SVI... Well, I am not sure that I cal it a SVI because I cannot do any routing.
I remember going through some problems, because on the layer-2 switch, I think you have to use a "default-gateway" command, instead of a route type command for your gateway, and it was confusing me in a similar situation..   (Doing this from memory, so might have that wrong!!)
Craig BeckCommented:
The 2960 switches can do basic Layer-3 if the IOS is later than 12.2(55)
biggynetAuthor Commented:
"basic Layer-3 ", can you elaborate on that? Thx
Craig BeckCommented:
8 SVIs, 16 static routes (IPv4 only)

The 2960 does not support dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF or EIGRP, or Layer-3 interfaces.

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Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
For a L2 switch only a mgmt IP address is required along with a default gateway configuration. Assignment of IP's on multiple SVI can only be used for connectivity testing purposes.

For example, you need to test IP reachability within a particular VLAN - creating an additional SVI on the switch could aid with this.
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