Post codes

Hi all

Can anyone tell me what these post codes mean?

AMI (92)Hard disk setup complete. About to go for BIOS ROM data area check.
Compaq (92)Error on CMOS read/write test.
Chips & Tech (92)Configuration check.
Phoenix (92)Jump to User Patch 2.(Beep)= 3-2-1-3

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all these are messages that appeared in sequence, the second error indicates a CMOS problem, and the subsequent messages indicate what it did in response, which sounds like it didn't have anywhere to go to.  Motherboard problems in general are not repairable, unless they are just capacitors that need replacing.  You can test those with an ESR meter if you know the values they're supposed to have (capacitors are the most common failures on motherboards).
davy999Author Commented:
Yes i know all that just want these codes translated
I don't think any of them are critical except the second one, and that might be fixed with a new battery.  They look like status update messages.  Why do you need to know?  An error in POST means the motherboard likely has a serious problem and should be replaced.
davy999Author Commented:
Hi Callandor

I have desktop pc that spins up ive changed the battery taken out all cards just one stick of ram ans so on. I put in a post card in and it came up with post code 92.Tried with onboard graphic card screen stil blank. so i think it is mb

I would like to know what this code means
Phoenix (92)Jump to User Patch 2.(Beep)= 3-2-1-3

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