excel 2003 formula problem

i have a spreadsheed were a formulae exists for example f10 * 10 however, it is not givning me the correct answer.  it is short by 3 or 2  and some times by 21 any ideas as to why its not adding this up correctly.

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Can you upload your sheet?
Frank WhiteCommented:
Unfortunately, you have to give us more information if you want to get the right help. With the information you gave us, the only thing we can do is enter a number in a new sheet in cell F10, then in another cell do "=F10*10", and see that it works correctly.

Past this, we can only spout generic tips that sound remotely similar to this:

Are your numbers highly-accurate decimals placed in cells with the "Accuracy as shown" option enabled and few decimal-points visible?

Are there circular references?

Check if all cells have the same number format.

Check your settings for math precision options.


Uploading an example sheet that shows your problem, or at least giving us more detail, would go a very long way towards helping us help you.
LBCAuthor Commented:
here is a copy of the file that i am working with.

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You have disabled auto calculation. Change it back to automatic:
I took a look at the sheet (specifically cell H10 where "=F10*13" - the most similar formula to the one you've initially posted) and the value there is correct. Which cell is calculated incorrectly?
LBCAuthor Commented:
the formula in f11, f12 and f13 dont appear to add up.

there are a few other cells futher down that are out as well

for example f11 5.99*13 should be 77.87 but it appears in the sheet as 77.81

Value in F11 is displayed with only 2 decimal places but its exact value is 5.7*1.05=5.985. If you multiply this value with 13 you obtain 77.805 which is after rounding on 2 decimal places equal to 77.81. You can adjust rounding using Format Cell in right mouse button menu on cell.

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LBCAuthor Commented:
thank you for replying to my question - i applied your answer and it worked

many thanks
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