Oracle, ora-00600

what does this mean? yesterday our test environment an update statement...our dba said..

ORA-00600 error.
This is caused by Bug 7566075 which was closed as a duplicate of unpublished bug 7131656 where an ORA-600 [16605] can occur when loading a library cache object.

what does this mean..?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
What does the ORA-600 mean or the bug information?

An ora-600 is a generic and bad Oracle error.  It means there was a core dump/crash of a process/program/???

Typically it takes Oracle Support to decipher the cause but looks like the message sort of explains the issue.
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
what is a library cash object?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
An object cached in memory.
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Rao_SAuthor Commented:
here is the offending sql (portion of it..) its an update statement...

FFFFFFFFFFFB140 75706461 74652041 51544954 30312E54  [update AQTIT01.T]
FFFFFFFFFFFB150 51545F49 545F494E 424F554E 445F5345  [QT_IT_INBOUND_SE]
FFFFFFFFFFFB160 51207365 7420494E 424F554E 445F4F55  [Q set INBOUND_OU]
FFFFFFFFFFFB170 54424F55 4E445F49 0FFFFFFF FFFFE1D0  [TBOUND_I........]
FFFFFFFFFFFB180 45515F4E 42523D3A 00000002 4F445F49  [EQ_NBR=:....OD_I]

the process/app processes inbound table and send the processed rows to outbound table and writes an audit row...
so the explanation is that the oracle crashed while loading one of the object required for the process into memory? is something wrong with the object or was it out of memory?
trying to find the cause ...
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>here is the offending sql (portion of it..)

Did you get this from the trace file the ORA-600 generated?

>>trying to find the cause ...

If you are trying to decipher the trace file from the ORA-600, I wish you luck.  This is why I said the ORA-600's are better left to Oracle Support to help with.

They have the tools that can tell you exactly what happened and why.
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
i dont have access to the trace file ...
the dba said...
Someone was doing something that forced the database to crash.   This is a test environment so it is not locked down.  In other words, it is a free for all.  I have no way of knowing what/who caused the crash.  We do not apply patches for an event that occurs in test for those reasons.  If we were to encounter this in production it would obviously be a concern.

and he gave us the sql which caused the crash...
so trying to find the exact cause and what exactly ora 00600 means..
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>what exactly ora 00600 means..

It means there was a core dump.  Nothing more specific than that.

Mor often than not you have hit a bug.  It may or may not be reproducable with the same SQL that caused it.
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
i see..
in the 'test' region, the database crashed after one update statement..
the next thing that happened was: in the 'qa' region my collegue started processing 60000 rows, the 'qa' database crashed after processing for about 7 minutes...

recently some changes were applied to the queries in the app which is a java program which uses hibernate...also a new audit table was created to capture the process audits..
so trying to pinpoint the cause of the 2 crashes...

the new table has a column called - HOST                VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),...
is column name 'HOST' a reserved name..? and cannot be used in a create table statement..? could that be the cause..?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>so trying to pinpoint the cause of the 2 crashes...

I feel like I keep repeating myself:  Oracle Support.  You can speculate forever.  The fact is it is next to impossible to diagnose an ORA-600 on your own.

>>is column name 'HOST' a reserved name..?

If it was, you would not be able to create the table/column.
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
found that trigger is causing the problem...
the trigger is inserting into a audit table..
and the clob field on the audit table is causing the error...
when the clob is set to null, no error, has processed about 25000 rows so far..

is there a problem in inserting a clob column via a trigger..?
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
sorry the trigger has been disabled... so the process is running, no error...
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>is there a problem in inserting a clob column via a trigger..?


You can 'think' you found the error by trial and error when you really didn't.  Unless you can reproduce the error whenever you want, you likely didn't find it.

It could have been the way you accessed a single row.  It could have been because it is Thursday.  It could have been because your PC has a blue wallpaper.

Only Support can tell you the exact cause.

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Rao_SAuthor Commented:
thank you..
we are waiting for the dba to tell us what they find on the ora-600 error..
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