java editor

when i google java editor, i get this link

and download the latest editor, in english,  - the install shows the language as english - the menus are in German.
anybody have a nice java editor i could try
do most of them cost something? I was of course hoping for free.
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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
eclipse is the best
Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
if you are looking for Java Integrated Debugging Environermnt, then the most popular free Java IDE is Eclipse:

The second one is  NetBeans

and one also very good is IntelliJ Idea
look for Community Edition - which is free

If you just want simple eidtor of java source - witithout all that environement, debuggin etc., I recommednn tio use TextPad which will rrcognize java and nocel color the sorce
it is very conveneient text editor for most peurposes
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Here is interesting comparison. You can choose according to your environment based on this infomration

Main article: Java (programming language)
IDE      License      Written in Java      Windows      Linux      Mac OS X      Other platforms      GUI builder
BlueJ      GPL2+GNU linking exception      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      No
DrJava      Permissive      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      No
Eclipse JDT      EPL      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      Yes
Geany      GPL      No      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      No
Greenfoot      GPL      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      No
IntelliJ IDEA      ALv2, proprietary      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes            Yes
JBuilder      Proprietary      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      Yes
JCreator      Proprietary      No      Yes      No      No            No
JDeveloper      Proprietary OTN JDeveloper License (freeware)      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      generic JVM      Yes
jGRASP      Proprietary (freeware)      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes            No
KDevelop      GPL      No      No      Yes      No      Solaris      Unknown
MyEclipse      Proprietary      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes            Yes
NetBeans      CDDL, GPL2      Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      Yes
Rational Application Developer      Proprietary      Yes      Yes      Yes      No      Solaris, AIX      Yes
Servoy      Proprietary      Unknown      Yes      Yes      Yes      Solaris      Yes
Xcode      Proprietary      No      No      No      Yes            Yes
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
I like TextPad, and I tried Eclipse.
Just a quick question, does Eclipse not actually install into windows?
It looks like it is self contained on the folder I extracted it to.
yes - Eclipse is very simple - jaut exapnd into folder and c.lick on eclipse.exe
I guess Eclipse does not need to write anything into registry and does not do any embellishments which they normally do when they create the installer

So you undersatnd that Eclipse and TextPad are of course very different.
But of you need just briefly to look at some java program - TextPad is quite OK,  I usually make it so that when you double-click .java it opens with textPad
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Yes, i like TextPad right now because my needs are very simple since I'm just beginning.
I think as I move along, I might understand and need Ecplise's functionality more.
by the way, is TextPad free?
It didn't ask for money when i got it, and ran fine, but after awhile, it had a notice asking if i want to continue using it for free, or something like that, I didn't concentrate on what it was saying.
Yes, once in a while when you'd vbe saviing file - it will ask that question.
If you click Continue using - you can continue for ever
Of course for real programming - you need IDE like Eclipse
Difference for programmeer between TextPad and eclipse - is like difference
between toycar for 5-year-old and and last year Lexus model

TextPad is good for quickly glanicing through the code - taht is true.

If you start develiopoing something say only 10 times longer than Hello World program,
then IDE will save you a lot of time
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, I should have asked while I was at it. Is Eclipse free?
I found how to buy TextPad, but didn't see something for Eclipse.
Yes, so TextPad you can buy and it will not ask you taht question when saving form time to time

Eclipse is absolutely free
If you wnat some enhanced versions with support, etc then you can buy like MyEclipse
but most developers use just free Eclipse as they download it from .org site

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the help.
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