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Posted on 2012-03-22
Last Modified: 2012-04-10
Hello Experts,

I have a javascript function which is called Client-Side on button Click event. Where I'm passing arguments as ClientID.
 function Validate(id)
       var txtData = document.getElementById(id);

on button:

<asp:Button ID="btnload" Text="Upload" runat="Server" Width="70px" Height="25px"
                                                            OnClientClick="Validate('<%= fuInfo.ClientID %>')" />

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When I try to access variable txtdata, I get nothing or BLANK. For testing purpose I checked the parameter value of ID, its has data(using alert statement), but when I do document.getElementById, then no result.

If I do this, it works:
var txtData = document.getElementById('<%= fu.ClientID %>');

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Expert Comment

by:Paul Jackson
ID: 37753790
In your onclientclick you are passing in the ClientID of fuInfo :

OnClientClick="Validate('<%= fuInfo.ClientID %>')"

, in the code you say that works you are using fu.ClientID.

maybe your OnClientClick should be : OnClientClick="Validate('<%= fu.ClientID %>')"
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Expert Comment

ID: 37753791
what about :
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var fuInfo = '<%= fuInfo.ClientID %>';
<asp:Button ID="btnload" Text="Upload" runat="Server" Width="70px" Height="25px"
                                                            OnClientClick="Validate(fuInfo)" />

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Expert Comment

by:Tom Beck
ID: 37753828
What about in code behind?

btnLoad.Attributes.Add("onclick", "Validate(\"" + fuInfo.ClientID + "\")");
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Expert Comment

by:Lalit Chandra
ID: 37753839
i think you need to replace your button decleration to

<asp:Button ID="btnload" Text="Upload" runat="Server" Width="70px" Height="25px"
                                                            OnClientClick="Validate('<%= fu..ClientID %>')" />
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Assisted Solution

by:Dave Baldwin
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ID: 37753869
var txtData = document.getElementById(id);  gets the 'object' without any of the details.  You have to use one of the properties of the object to display or do anything.  Like this example shows the 'innerHTML'.  For <input> tags, you usually use the 'value'.

<script type="text/javascript">
function getValue()
var x=document.getElementById("myHeader");
<p id='myHeader'>This is the innerHTML.</p>

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Author Comment

ID: 37754224
Sorry, but none of them worked.

The reason for client ID of each control because I have 3 buttons and 3 Fileupload buttons.

On each button click, I want to make use of same function Validate(), so that I can pass each clientId of Fileupload button.

If I write  different function(does same logic) for each button, then it works!

Accepted Solution

Lalit Chandra earned 250 total points
ID: 37754320
why don't you try jquery for that. you can simple code the following
$(function() {
   $("#button1").click(function  {
       var str = $("#fileUpload1").val();
   $("#button2").click(function  {
       var str = $("#fileUpload2").val();
   $("#button3").click(function  {
       var str = $("#fileUpload3").val();


Hope this will resolve your problem.

Expert Comment

by:Vishal Kedar
ID: 37770201
try below js function instead of yours

function Validate(id)
          // var txtData = document.getElementById(id);


may it helps

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