Issue removing virus/malware

I just ran rougekiller, tdss killer, malwarebytes, super anti-spyware and I can't seem to get this virus/malware out of an XP Pro SP3 computer.  Although all did come with some type of virus/malware, I cleaned and deleted each one, but no success.  I'm attempting to run Combofix now, but I'm almost possitive that this will also not be sufficient as well.

Any ideas?

The pc just keeps on hanging both online and while clicking from one folder to another.  I also verified that no other, than normal processes are running.
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Backup the documents/data, format it and do a clean windows install.  It's the only way you know for 100% sure you'll get it all.
Do you know any details of the virus/malware?  Is it popping up with a fake antivirus?  Need a little bit more detail.
Boot the PC from any BOOT/Recue CD like:

Kasperky Rescue CD 10
AVG Rescue CD
Microsoft Defende Offline CD (Microsoft SpySweeper MSSS_Media32.iso or mssstool32.exe)
Panda Security Recue CD

TO analyse and disinfect the HDD and OS without loading any virus/malware
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Clean install is typically the best solution, but it is not always the optimal solution depending on the critical nature of the programs installed on the computer and how much difficulty will be involved in reinstalling them.
If you will post the logs from all of the scanners you used, it will help us better understand what you are dealing with.
It has been my experience that by the time I ran every anti-malware scanner, created and ran boot disks, searched for what the scanners found and tried those solutions from blogs or forum posts, registry edits, removed services, etc... I ended up spending more time trying to clean it that I would have spent doing a backup, format, and clean re-install of everything, including obscure and hard-to-install software.  

I've learned the hard way that a format and clean install is the most efficient way to get rid of malware, and the only way to make sure it's completely clean.
Take out the harddrive
Connect it to a different computer via usb
Make sure its a healthy computer wit latest antivirus and must be a different antivirus than what you are using
Perform a deep scan operation on the harddrive
Further run a disk check as well
I am sure it will remove all viruses + malware etc :)
shahzoor - the old technique of "Slaving" a hard drive for a scan is not effective against current malware variants. The system needs to be booted to the Windows OS to identify and clean the malware.

Additionally, "Slave Scans" can erroneously delete critical system files without the Windows File Protection service running. A sure way to cause a BSOD.

Read more details here: Malware Fighting – Best Practices
Knowing what rogue killer found would be very helpful in moving this further, if you could post the log file, that would be great.
vulture71Author Commented:
Sorry guys,

I just ended up starting from scratch.  Thanks for all your help.
I guess we'll never know if it was a 15 minute fix or not then.
I see that you are a brand new member here on EE, so please take the time to learn how to ask (and manage) the questions you post.

More details here: and

At this point you have asked 14 questions, abandoned (at least) 2, and never did have the courtesy to respond to any of the volunteers who tried to help you with this malware problem.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Experts (all volunteers) here on EE are some pretty smart people. When you continually ignore their efforts, some will decide to return the favor.

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