Citrix Xenapp 6.5 - Load Balancing

I have 2 citrix xenapp 6.5 farms built, and speaking w/each other...  THey can see each other curing discovery, and all published apps from Server 1, came over to Server 2's list of applications..

On server 1, i have a web interface and a published desktop along with several apps

On server 2 I just have xenapp 6.5 configured and installed..

In the web interface that is installed on server 1...  i have both servers listed and use the server list for load balancing checked...  I believe this is so that if 1 server crashes, they will connect the users to the other server (whoops, guess i shouldnt have put the web interface on 1 of the servers).. but that can be changed...

My question...  I have 2 servers set-up.. I want to have it so that if 1 person logs in, he is directed to server 1..

if 2 pple log in, one is directed to server 1, and the other to server 2...  

and so on.. this way there should be an equal amoutn of users /on each server..

IS this even possible?  If so, what else will I need to do in order to complete this..

I do not want to use a citrix store or access gateway...  Currently I have the web interface on server 1 open to the public (dedicated IP)  I can successfully hit this address and authenticate outside out network, as well as inside..

The issue now is just the "load balancing" so that equal users are on each server at any given time...

Thanks in advanced

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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
From your description what I believe that you have is one farm ONLY with 2 XenApp servers both set with XML service and session hosting - correct me if I am wrong.

As such, you don't need to do anything for load balancing the 2 servers as this is automatically taken care by the configured Data Collector. The data collector will be consulted for the least loaded server and that will be returned to the client. The least loaded is calculated with a more intelligent algorithm than just the number of users.

You see you don't want your load balancing to be based on equal number of users. Take this scenario (which is the most probable scenario) - a user logs on a server 1 and is utilizing 80% of its CPU while server 2 has two users with a total utilization of CPU amounting to 30%. With your way of load balancing your fourth user will land on server 1 which is actually more loaded. In reality you will be better off if your fourth user lands on server 2.
Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  mutawadi is correct, you have ONE farm with TWO servers.
2.  I would not put Web Interface on a production XenApp server.  It should be on its own server (VM).
3.  mutawadi is also correct in that XenApp will handle the load balancing automatically.  You really don't need to do anything.
4.  Make sure you have the same applications installed on both servers.
5.  When you publish the applications, make sure either both servers are listed or, better, create a worker group that contains the two servers and put the worker group in the published application settings.
6.  I would recomend you use the FREE Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) to secure your web traffic going to the web interface server.
bweeks4510Author Commented:
Thank you both for your answers... The information that you provided was incredibly clear and helpful

I guess 1 last thing before I close this ticket...  under the web interface Managmenet..  under xenapp web sites...  if i right click on my website...  select server farms and edit my information..  under the "server settings>servers (in failover order)..  is this where the load balancing takes place?  does the web interface handle this?  If not, where is this handled...

Again, i have 1 farm, and 2 servers...  I can have users use ICA and log into EITHER server...  but since they appear to be connected... is the web interface where the balancing takes place?

Thanks Again

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Carl WebsterCommented:
What you are seeing in Web Interface is where you put XML Brokers.  An XML Broker is a XenApp server that is used to validate the user supplied credentials.  Your zone data collectors are normally used as the XML Brokers also except in very large environments.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
The server names in the web interface is like what Carl has said are the XML brokers where when the user lands on the web interface, then the web interface will contact the XML broker for validating the credentials and enumerating the user's applications. When you provide two or more servers in the web interface then you will either configure them for load balancing or for fail over. With the latter configuration the first XML in the sequence will always be contacted - the second XML will not be contacted unless the first is not available and so on.

But, when the user receive the name of the server (XenApp) to contact for launching its applications, it would be the least loaded server provided by the data collector role.
bweeks4510Author Commented:
Perfect...  Thank you Mutawadi.

Just 1 question about 1 of your sentences...  

When you provide two or more servers in the web interface then you will either configure them for load balancing or for fail over. With the latter configuration the first XML in the sequence will always be contacted - the second XML will not be contacted unless the first is not available and so on.

If i do not want fail over, how do i disable this, and always use load balancing.. I want them to both be used... Not just one being used.. and the other incase it is needed...


Carl WebsterCommented:
Check the Use For Load Balancing box.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Carl has just made it before me ;)

If you don't check it the web interface will revert to fail over. Once checked then it would revert to load balancing.
bweeks4510Author Commented:
Great..  You guys are excelent..

I am extremely new to citrix, but learning as I go..  You 2 have been a tremendous help..

Thank  You Again... and I am sure that i will have another post for you in the future..

lol..   Thanks Again

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