windows98 will not install on laptop, "No Valid CDROM device drivers installed"


I have a Lenovo Y430 laptop with a failed harddrive, and no recovery disk. I also have an unused winXP install disk, 'upgrade' type. This loads and runs, after replacing the dead drive and setting SATA mode to 'IDE' in the BIOS, but it wants a Microsoft OS on there first, and my win98 SE install disk won't run, because:

"Device Driver not found: 'OEMCD001'
No Valid CDROM device drivers .

I found this comment for the same problem, different laptop:

"Windows 98 is not a supported operating system of the mainboard. Due to limitations in the IDE support of Windows 98 install it is not able to detect the type of controller used in the G33 Chipset. This is because addtional support is required to support this type of controller that is not present in Windows 98."

... so i'm guessing this is not fixable.

But I have already partitioned the new harddrive from a Ubuntu Live CD, so can I copy the win98 install disk onto the new drive, and install from that?

If the win98 install files are put on a small bootable partition, can I install from that onto the rest of the drive, and then later on clean up the partition table?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
That is a Core2 Duo 64-bit machine. If you can into the BIOS and set AHCI to compatability mode, it might install XP. I don't think setting to IDE will help you.

But, run Windows 98 natively?  Not likely. Windows 98 is not only dead, it has finally rotted away. If you really need to run windows 98, get recovery DVD's for the IdeaPad, install the OS it came with, get VMware Player (or, better, VMware Workstation) and run Windows 98 in a Virtual Machine. That works (because I have  Windows 98 machine running just that way).

... Thinkpads_User
Yes. 98 is now a teenage mutant puddle . I wouldn't try it on 64 bit. If your stuck with an uprade disc ( I know how that is from past experience.. ) Maybe just consider looking for an OEM copy. XP cant be that expensive anymore. I'm sure you may have a friend that has a copy they aren't using..Even a flea market nearby.

run Windows 98 in a Virtual Machine environment if you really want to. I just dont see how you would have any functionality with other devices.

Good word processor for the kids if anything.
pfenertyAuthor Commented:
> I don't think setting to IDE will help you

It turns out that this is what allows winXP to handle SATA drives. If SATA mode is AHCI (the default and only other SATA mode setting for this laptop), all you get is BSOD. SATA mode IDE allows the winXP install disk to run.

> But, run Windows 98 natively?

If I don't get win98 or its equivalent on there, I can't use my winXP -UPGRADE- install disk. Or any other modern -UPGRADE- MSOS.

Of course I can buy the FULL version of some MSOS ... that's $300 versus I-already-own-it.
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maybe just find another copy online. if you already own a license to it and the upgrades themselves.. how can Microsoft go after you for using an unlicensed version? I'm not a lawyer nor should this be taken as legal advice but you already paid for it. They ( microsoft )  didn't provide a free solution to it since they stopped supporting 98. Thus, I think you wouldnt have the FBI knocking at your door... just a thought.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>> It turns out that this is what allows winXP to handle SATA drives <--- Strange laptop, because that is not the case normally. Sometimes what you get is that install will start and not complete.

Contact Lenovo Support for recovery CD's / DVD's. The set is normally about $40 or $50, not $300.

If you really need XP, you can get it on eBay for about $50 (full version). Check to make sure the vendor is legitmate.

You do not need Windows 98 to install a modern OS. It is been over a decade since that has been the case.

... Thinkpads_User

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pfenertyAuthor Commented:
> maybe just find another copy online

I did that, and wasted hours downloading 3GB of .rar files to build a winVista .iso ... there were 17 .rars, but number 13 was missing from the archive. Support for the cloud service claimed it was removed because of TOS. No doubt informed by Microsoft legal staff.

So I thought I could quickly wrap this up with my winXP upgrade. Turns out, not so quick.

> Strange laptop

I did not invent the SATA mode fix, but learned of it via multiple comments elsewhere. The laptop may well be strange, but it is not alone in that.  

> eBay ... Check to make sure the vendor is legitmate.

I had considered eBay, but was concerned about legitimacy issues leading to activation fail. Not sure how to assure activation success for a 3rd party disc in advance of trying it.

> Contact Lenovo Support for recovery

I was unaware of this, and will try it next. Seems reasonable, hope it's true. I'd much prefer to restore the original OS, even if it's Vista. I'll accept this solution.

In the meantime, I copied C:\Windows and all the C:\ loose files from another winXP host onto the new drive via the Ubuntu Live CD. And winXP install is happy enough with that, and it's right now merrily putting XP onto the laptop.

Thanks to all!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you, and I was pleased to assist. .... Thinkpads_User
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