Passing an array into an IN clause in a Stored Proc

Hello Experts.  I have a Stored Procedure that I need to be able to pass a parameter into an IN clause.  

Create Procedure dbo.MyProc

	@ProdCode Varchar(8)
Select	*
From	dbo.Products
Where	ProdCode In (@ProdCode)


Exec dbo.MyProc

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From what I understand I may have to create a function to pass this through.  Any direction here is greatly appreciated.
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-- First, create this function:

-- Returns a single-column table from a delimited string
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[csv1] (@Source VARCHAR(MAX), @rowDelim VARCHAR(max)=',')
    RETURNS @Result TABLE (ID int identity, col1 varchar(MAX))
      IF isNull(@rowDelim,'') in (char(10),'')
            SELECT @rowDelim = char(13)+char(10)
            SELECT @Source = replace( @Source, @rowDelim+char(13), @rowDelim )
            SELECT @Source = replace( @Source, @rowDelim+char(10), @rowDelim )

      SELECT @Source = rtrim(ltrim(@Source))
      SELECT @Source = @Source+@rowDelim  WHERE RIGHT(@Source,1) != @rowDelim

      DECLARE @rowDelimPos int=0, @StartShift int=1, @LenSource int=len(@Source)
      WHILE @StartShift <= @LenSource
            SELECT @rowDelimPos = charindex( @rowDelim, @Source, @StartShift )
            INSERT INTO @Result VALUES ( substring(@Source,@StartShift,@rowDelimPos-@StartShift) )
            --INSERT INTO @Result VALUES ( nullIf(substring(@Source,@StartShift,@rowDelimPos-@StartShift),'') )
            SELECT @StartShift = @rowDelimPos + len(@rowDelim)


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-- Then, in your procedure you can do this:

Select      *
From      dbo.Products
Where      ProdCode In (select col1 from dbo.csv1(@ProdCode))
-- correction, need to pass in the delimiter to the function:

Where      ProdCode In (select col1 from dbo.csv1(@ProdCode, ',' ))
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jobprojnAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply knightEknight.  I ran it and this is only passing the first parameter through the IN clause.  From my example, the query only returns values for LITE.  The SINK and FAUCET values don't get make it in.
please run this test and post the result:

select * from dbo.csv1( 'LITE,SINK,FAUCET', ',' )
jobprojnAuthor Commented:
It returns as rows in a table.

ID      col1
1      LITE
2      SINK
3      FAUCET
jobprojnAuthor Commented:
Got it.  The parameter @ProdCode was set to varchar(8), which was cutting off the string when when the parameter was used in the stored procedure.  Changed it to varchar(2000) and all is good.
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