Windows 7 starup repair not working

i managed to get a working drive "fixed "  so it does not boot (by stopping a process)
i got the BSOD 0xc0000f, complaining about a missing driver ACPI.sys
i tried the startup repair and System restore from DVD -  but it said it could not repair - nor did it find a restore point (strange after 4-5 years of use)

so i copied that driver back to the Windows\System32\drivers folder, and hit the following missing driver -  i repeated the copy procedure, each time it went further, so i decided to install Windows 7 32 bit afresh on a spare disk  - and copied the whole drivers folder

and yes -  i got windows starting ( the 4 colored balls turing into the Windows flag -  then it rebooted

i ran startup repair and system restore again -  with the same results
i also ran chkdsk, and a defrag on both partitions, -  no problems

I am NOT interested in backup, recovery, or fresh install - i know how to do that
so my question is : HOW to repair this system -  so it boots again
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Do you happen to have boot repair cd/dvd?

If you have a working system to bounce from, you could check when you boot up the faulty system, you can enable Windows to boot with logging option active, so it might indicate where the errors are coming from eg c:\windows\system32\driverX problem? (file, path, etc)
By pinning down the actual fault, you can then more accurately try to repair the system state to a point in time where it might be able to get back up and running again.
You can troubleshoot and cross reference the boot log option as it might highlight a driver version issue, or Windows Update issue.

If you can, have a look at;

If anyone you know has a tool like MS DART, it's designed specifically in mind for similar issues to the predicament where you are right now, ie. system which needs repair.
It can repair service patches, uninstall them, rollback any updates, and try to repair the system state to when it was in a working order.
Microsoft don't supply it to everyone, there's a access / license issue, though some tech's have access to it due to their user support base.
It's a pretty useful tool to use.
There are Windows XP/Vista 32bit versions, 64bit, and a newer Windows 7 compatible version specifically designed for Win7 platform.

The tools on the Bart style or MS Dart boot cd's can offer more powerful repair options if you can try them.
I'd be careful before using them, if you can backup the drive contents prior to running any tools, use something like Acronis or Ghost, image the drive to be on the careful side of things.
Nobus, sorry did not see it was you.
Is the system a laptop or desktop or server?
Any info re harddisk, motherboard - type of board, version of Windows 7 (other than 32bit).

Also you said you fixed it re "stopping a process", do you know which process it was?
My main pc at home did something similar last year, had it online for ages, then got a major error with the main boot drive, had a nasty combination of either a corrupt boot image or updated a/v via Kapersky to 2011, Windows definately did not like the whole lot going off at the same time...
(Maybe not the best time to ask, though hope you don't mind the question)
Have you ever looked at; - sign up via MSN account, it's for system builders and oem partners.
They have some forums which I'm on, they can troubleshoot these sort of pre-install and post-install issues, we do use it for similar boot problems to troubleshoot this in depth.

Any results from a virus check via A/V? from the working drive you have?
I can post the issue on the MS OEM partner portal for you, (I've done it before for a few of the guys I work with), on the post install forum.
They usually can reply fairly quickly (with fairly good chances of success) if you want.
Might need to log the error in greater detail.
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nobusAuthor Commented:
well - i said repair was not working, i posted "i tried the startup repair and System restore from DVD "
i know the process - it was BCWipe that was wiping  - that i stopped - and the pc and hardware are ok
i do have a same windows install on a spare disk to copy files from
i'm looking for ideas to fix it  - as a study case, to learn from
Nobus, if it's ok with you, I'll put a post on the system builder forum re post install issues.
They've got some ideas on how to handle different scenarios.
Likewise any ideas on fixing, I'd be interested in learning from it.
Re BCWipe.exe, did you do it from command line or via gui/app?
This might explain why the system restore points can't be found;,124508.0.html
"BCWipe always checked whether a Restore Point existed or not. Perhaps System Restore was disabled so BCWipe did not mention anything about it. Those files are not recoverable now, because BCWipe has deleted all Restore Points now."
nobusAuthor Commented:
the last post also says :
Every time I wipe a file with BCWIPE on my Windows 7 system it warns me that System Restore is on and asks if I want to switch it off. Today I tried switching it off, and when I went to System Restore to check that it was on again I found that all previous restore points had been wiped. Is is a bug in BCWIPE or just an undocumented feature

i got no warning at all - even not if it was starting

but plse - don't concentrate on that -  what i want is what do i copy from the fresh install to the old one to get it booting; after the famous startup repair says : sorry, i can't......
I just got home now, I'm going to post the query where I normally do on the system builder forum.
Have you tried using MS Dart though?
(I figure you've got a chance it might work?)
In the mean time lets see what internation time zone differences can do? :)

Thing is, knowing what BCWipe might do ie. wipe system restore points (if that is what is has done) at least saves spending time trying to work out what happened there...

News article on the BCWipe homepage saves "permanently erased US UAV command centre virus infected HDD's......" as recommended by Kapersky.
Figured that if BCWipe did anything like what I think it did, crossing system restore off the list is probably worth while.
Made an interesting read on the support forums whilst I was looking it up.

Trust me, I sympathise with you re what you want to do, aint a good feeling.
I think from what I asked a guy I work with who specialises with data encryption formats etc (he's a Checkpoint whiz and plays around with different drive encryption programs, utils etc) he's under the impression either BCWipe did not exclude certain system folders eg, system restore points when it either loaded or ran a scan, he's come across issues with some of the server based programs which are similar in nature (most of the servers and all the systems we work with use encrypted drives) not too different from what you seem to have.
A couple of the workstations he uses had a beta release of something like BCWipe on about a year back and it definately did something awkward, one was his main test system, so he was not happy, he said the best thing to do was to try the system builder forums when I asked him earlier, will see what replies I get and can post here if ok?  If you want anything else let me know.
Could you confirm if this is the exact error you get when you try to boot up?
"BSOD 0xc0000f"
nobusAuthor Commented:
that was the error now there is another one - AFTER i get the Windows is starting screen :
0x00000007B which is a disk related error
it suggests to run chkdsk - which i'v done  without any change
Updated the post on MS OEM, thanks, will keep you updated.
nobusAuthor Commented:
FYI -  when the disk is connected to the same pc as second drive, i can explore it without problems
so i'm looking for ways to copy folders, or files over mainly - since that seems to be the problem
Can you have a look at;
(I know this is not the best link to check though it might help to check)
Check the load registry from recovery command line if you have access to load the reg hive?

This “STOP: 0x0000007B” message shows when there are Boot-Sector Viruses, Device Driver Issues, Hardware Issues and other issues. The situation you mentioned that in the Boot Log, it hangs on CLASSPNP.SYS. This Classpnp.sys is the driver for SCSI devices, due to the Windows cannot be booted, this problem may occur in scenarios as following:

·         The registry is corrupted.
·         A System file is missing or damaged.
·         A device driver file is missing or damaged.
In this case, you need to do a Startup Repair and System Restore from DVD to fix this issue. Find how to run the startup repair tool by using Windows 7 installation disc:
(I know this bit does not work)

I have changed the post. I was also having 0x7B problem. It's turns out that the reason was, changing the disk mode in BIOS create this error.

I had also Windows 7 with 0x0000007B blue screen while loading Windows 7.
It's turn out that the BIOS had been change to another disk mode, IDE, ex-raid. For now I wanted IDE, to be simple.
Here's what works with me:
In the BIOS, i went change the SATA to IDE mode (NOT RAID, NOT AHCI)

1.Boot Win7 DVD

2.Choose the Language Selection.
3.Choose Repair.
4.On the recovery tools choose the Command Line Console
5.Type:regedit <ENTER>
8.File > Load Hive
9.Select < windows partition with problem > \Windows\System32\config\system (Backup this first, it's advised)

10.Regedit will ask for a Key name: Name it something like "temp"

11.Located HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/temp/Select/Current
12.Searched for every key containing the value “SCSI Miniport” where the "Start" value was a "3" and changed the "Start" value to a "0". (F3 to search next result).
13.Highlight "temp"
14.File > Unload Hive
16.Enter in Win7 :)

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nobusAuthor Commented:
@ andrew -  i will try your suggestion in a couple of days, and post results (have been a bit busy with other things)
I got a smart you know what post from someone on the Microsoft System Builder site along the lines of .... one should not mess around with military level encryption software.... replied back to say wanted solution not smart comments (I've done something similar as you before so I'd find the solution useful too), had a couple of emails but nothing looking 100% useful, have tried something else in the mean time, I'll update this post - likewise busy (working on mate's garden of all things! cutting trees down).
nobusAuthor Commented:
yep - that must also be done...likewise here
nobusAuthor Commented:
andrew - i'll try your tips above and report back, meanwhile - here some info :
i used a 250 GB diamondmax 21 - the spare drive is a 200 Gb Diamondmax 10 - both Sata

i am still looking for the DIY of "System D" hints, tips and tricks
right now - i am trying to install the sata driver 82801GB/GR/GH (ICH7 Family) Sata driver
i downloaded it -  but how to install it on a drive that does not boot?  while accessing this drive from the Diamondmax 10 as boot drive
nobusAuthor Commented:
andrew - again  
THIS is the kind of tips i'm looking for

i had no problem following your tips -  up to select current
but then i'm lost - can you elaborate a bit there?
nobusAuthor Commented:
Hi, am looking up query, post later today if ok
Going to try something on other post I made, got someone to ask re repair original boot drive etc... need to look up the pro's cons .... last time I tried it, the os was too far gone, only thing is with the way the BCWipe works, I'm not sure why it did what it did or why, no one will reveal that answer.
nobusAuthor Commented:
ok - no problem i'm still fighting it in my free time anyway as tudy project, to see how far i get
Dont know about you, I had a "bright idea" for a friend to do up his garden for newphews and his niece.... 9 weeks later we've been doing that flat out every weekend.
Weather was holding, little rain and cold, sun some of the time.
Now rain rain and hailstones (plus occasional snow) - typical British weather.
I've looked up the problem as there should be a way to do it, had a failed drive last year (managed to ghost it but the image did not close to 100% - got to 99% but with some help managed to get it partially to boot though it was never recoverable, did not get it sorted, ran out of time so did clean install) still would be interesting to do get it going, maybe helping you might put some light on it.

By the way, do you have access to a MS DART cd for Windows 7? (recovery cd?)
nobusAuthor Commented:
nope - no msdart, but i have windows cd, paragon rescue kit, bootit-bm, Knoppix, parallel install...and more
nobusAuthor Commented:
no real answer, but a couple of hints
Have a look for MS Dart, very useful.
I posted an update on the Microsoft site, they're looking into the query, got another response pending, will post back if ok.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i know, but cost too much for the repair load i have right now
If ok with you, I'll keep at this one, I've got a few ideas as I've got a pc in a similar situation - not encrypted though same problem, need to repair the os to a practical working state.
nobusAuthor Commented:
no problem, i already noted some "possible" solutions - did not try them all yet
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