Summarising field in a group header to exclude suppressed values


I have a report which shows order values in a group header. The group is suppressed when an order has been completely delivered.
When i add a summary of the order value to the report footer it is showing the total for all orders, and i only want it to show the values which appear in the group header (ie those not suppressed).

I have attached the report with some saved data. It is the order value shown in group header 3 i am trying to summarise. You can see the problem i have on the preview page

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You will have to

1.  Use a running total that evaluates when the order has NOT been delivered
2.  Create a formula like this and summarize it
       If Not {Delivered} then
3.  Use the selection filter to select only those records that aren't delivered
4.  Use formulas with variables to evaluate the total


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I don't see any attachments.

 FYI, I believe mlmcc was suggesting 4 different ways that you might handle this, not that you needed to do all of those things.

 Basically, you need to incorporate your suppression conditions when generating the totals.  The available options will depend on the nature of your suppression conditions.

My thoughts apparently are faster than my typing.

I meant  
   You will have to do one of the following

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StevepagetAuthor Commented:
Cheers for the replies.

The issue i have is that I am trying to summarise a field which depends on a summary for it's suppression conditon. I have attempted to attach the report again as that best illustrates the issue.
Are you trying to get the Sum(CallOffs.Value) ?

Does the total need to be in the group header?
Since the suppression depends on a summary, you can't use a summary therefore you can't get it into the group header.

StevepagetAuthor Commented:
Yes, I need to get the sum of calloffs.value and the sum of orders.value into the report footer, but only for orders where the orderbank formula returns a value greater than 1.

As you say the problem is that the orderbank formula is based on a summary field so i am stuck as to how to get the totals to calculate. Maybe it is impossible but i hope there is some way!

DO you need it in the group header?

It is relatively easy to calculate and display in the group footer

StevepagetAuthor Commented:
The details could go in the group footer yes, if that makes a difference? The key is getting a summary of the details to  show in the report footer.

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