MS DTC fails on 2003 exchange cluster

I am trying to readd a node to an Exchange 2003 cluster. After adding the node, I try to install Exchange 2003. When I try to install Exchange, I get a message saying that it can't install Exchange System Administration since MS DTC is not running in the cluster. So, I try to create the resource, add its dependencies, bring it online, and it fails. I tried to add it through the command line, and I see when I add the Quorum as a dependency, I get this message:
C:\Documents and Settings\m>cluster clustername res "MSDTC Res
ource" /ADDDEP:"Quorum_Q"

System error 1722 has occurred (0x000006ba).
The RPC server is unavailable.

I verified the RPC server is running on both servers. I have the following messages in event viewer (please see attached)
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Are you configuring it in its own resource group ? :-
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
No. It's with the other resources. FYI, this is how it ran prior to evicting the node. Also, that KB has the following entry for Exchange:

if you have a light-use DTC scenario such as a cluster dedicated to Exchange Server, proceed and use the Cluster group. On dedicated Exchange Server clusters, the MS DTC resource should be placed in the default cluster group.
Is it a problem for you to configure in separate RG ? If it installs and works then it is work round. I personally have always configured in separate RG.
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TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
It isn't a problem; I was just trying to set it up the same way it was before.
When I get to this part, I'm not sure what to enter:
In TCP/IP Address Parameters, select the public network, type the unique static IP address for MS DTC, and then click Next.
I'm guessing I need to request a static IP for this?
Yes you will need a static IP, since it doesn't actually do much there is no need to register in DNS.
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
I'm in the process of following the KB and I'm at:
Create a "Physical disk" resource.

Note You may already have a physical disk resource created. If so, you will have to move this physical disk resource into the MS DTC group and go to the next step.

I have a physical disk for the quorum, Exchange_data, and Exchange_logs. Do I need to move all physical disks to the MSDTC group or just the quorum?
What will happen if I move these items to this group while they are online?
I think this is referring to s SEPARATE physical disk resource - eg a small LUN which you can allocate to the MSDTC resource ? If you are using the same resource then you are back at square one.

Do you want to use a separete disk resource for the MSDTC as I usually do, or do you want us to try to troubleshoot your original issue ?

I would also recommend you download and install the Cluster Diagnortics Tool, as this can give you a very easy way to troubleshoot cluster issues :-
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
I found the problem; however, I'm unable to reference the fix until I get back to work.
What I can say is there is a registry entry for the cluster that indicates whether MS DTC is running in a clustered state or not. If the value is anything other than 1, then MS DTC won't run. I changed the value to 1 for both nodes, started MS DTC on the active node, and it is now running. I was also able to run this resource with all the other resources in the cluster. I'll post the link when I return to work.
Well done - glad you found fix !!
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
Here's the KB that helped me fix my issue:

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Nice one - so you are running Windows 2000 Server ?
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
Server 2003
That is strange since the article applies to products no longer supported ?
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
It's referring to Microsoft COM+ 1.0
Ah - thanks for clearing that up !
TomWaddleAuthor Commented:
This solution was able to get my cluster up and running.
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Windows Server 2003

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