Excel 2007 VBA prevent workbook use with macros disabled

Does anyone have any good ideas to stop use of a workbook when macros are disabled? I have some code in the Worksheet_Change and WorkSheet_SelectionChange that stops users inadvertently changing certain things.  I can't use protection for this some data is in a table and if the cells are protected the users can't sort and filter.

If they disable macros when the worbook opens they'll be able to change everything.  I thought of something like making the key sheets hidden and only unhiding them in Workbook_Open code, then hiding again when they close.  But if they start up, do some work, save, do some more work then close without saving changes, the sheets won't be hidden next time they open.

This does not need to be high security - it's just to stop accidental changes.  Any ideas?
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
This is the usual method: http://www.vbaexpress.com/kb/getarticle.php?kb_id=379
Essentially, every time you save, the sheets get hidden, the save is done, then the sheets get shown again. That way, the last save was always done with hidden sheets.
andrewssd3Author Commented:
Thanks Rory I'll give that a try.  I do have some issues with Worksheet_BeforeSave in my corporate environment (see this question which you participated in), but hopefully I'll be able to get this work.  I'll report back.
andrewssd3Author Commented:
Unfortunately, as I thought, it's not possible to change the visibility of worksheets from a Worksheet_BeforeSave routine that is initiated from VBA code (see the previous question I referred to).

Any other approaches to this that don't involve BeforeSave? Otherwise I'll award the points to you Rory as your solution would work well in a 'normal' environment.  Mine is skewed by having a document managment system that intercepts all Save and Open calls (the approach works when I disble the doc management add-in, but this is not an option for normal use).
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Could you use the beforesave to schedule a routine with OnTime to do the hide, save and reshow? Might work...
andrewssd3Author Commented:
Interesting idea - I'll give it a try...

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andrewssd3Author Commented:
Thanks for the input on this - it gave me some interesting avenues to try, but I could not get anything to work as I wanted.  In the end I just had to take the risk that some savvy user would be able to get round the macro issue.
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