Public Calendar (Exchange 2010) unable to add items in Outlook 2010

We have one Exchange 2010 SP2 server (installed on a virtual server with Server 2008 R2 Enterprise installed as OS) with Outlook 2010 SP1 clients running on Windows 7 Professional 64bit. We have a Group Policy that enables the cached-mode on all Outlook clients.

A few months ago we installed this Exchange server, and created a public folder with a calendar in it. This all works fine. We can access our public calendar through Outlook and OWA.

Since a few weeks, a strange problem occurs: every now and then (this seems usually a problem in the early morning), we can't save new items in Outlook to our public calendar.

We can still move excisting items to a new date+time and delete and edit them. When using OWA, everything works fine.

When we attempt to create a new calendar-item, the Windows 7 event viewer shows an error with  ID 25: "Could not save item. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.". The Exchange server shows nothing at that moment in the event viewer.

Every day the issue simply disappears after a few hours. I´ve noticed that sometimes restarting the Exchange Information Store (temporarily) solves the issue for that day. However, some days we are unlucky and simply have to wait.

I´m not sure if it´s related, but there is an event in the Windows 7 event viewer around the time the issue disappeared today: ID 27: "OAB Download Succeeded.".

Just to be sure I´m not forgetting any information, I attached some screenshots of the Exchange Management Console.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Public folder database propertiesPublic folder properties
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This issue seems to be purely related to outlook. For double check, you can try creating a calendar item in OWA and check if it is working. so that we can isolate the issue.

Also when the issue occurs for the next time check the status of outlook in bottm-right corner as to whether it is online. Also try ping your mailserver from the win7 workstation.
If ping results are successful then this issue is purely because of the local outlook profile.

Also when the issue occurs, hold the right ctrl key and right click on the outlook icon near the system clock and choose connection status. Check whether outlook is connecting to any PF servers.

If nothing works, then re-creating outlook profile is the best option.
A1237Author Commented:
Thank you for the responce!

This morning we have the usual issue again, I checked the connection status ("connected"), and can confirm that OWA works fine.

I just deleted my Outlook profile ( like you suggested), and am trying to re-create it now. Outlook fills in my username and the mailserver automatically, but when I click next an error shows up, and I can't create my outlook profile (creating it manually fails too).

I've attached a screenshot (it's in Dutch), this is the message in English:

"The action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

Create mailaccount Outlook
Is this a problem in our Windows 7 clients?
Try ping the exchange server from your win 7 workstation and check if it is reachable.

If you are not able to reach the exchange server i.e, getting request timed out, then this is network issue.

This might also occur due to version mismatch. Please provide the version of outlook and version of exchange server you are using.
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A1237Author Commented:
Ping works fine. Our Exchange server is version 2010 with SP2 (version 14.2, build 247.5)
Outlook is version 2010 with SP1 (build 14.0.6112.5000 (64bit))
A1237Author Commented:

Last days we couldn't access our public calendar again, and another user was unable to use Outlook at all.

I spend most of my time today on this problem and might have found the problem: On the server running Exchange, we have antivirus installed (Norman Endpoint Protection with Exchange mailscan). After uninstalling this, all the problems have disappeared.

If the problems stay away the next days, I guess it's save to say that Norman caused them... I will post an update here over a few days.
A1237Author Commented:
Good news: the problem seems to be solved! The last days we were able to use our public calendar without any problems.

Thank you jrlingam for your time, your comments made me look wider then just the Exchange server.

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A1237Author Commented:
jrlingam made me realise that this problem was most likely being caused by something else then the Exchange server.

After a long search I found that Norman Network Protection was causing my problem.
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