Sync / backup large data over private network

We have a VPN connection to our other facility and need to be able to transfer differential data over the link.
Right now we're using Rsync, but I would like a method that would eliminate the encryption of the transfer so we can speed this up a bit.
Right now we're using the arcfour encryption and getting slightly faster results then we were with blowfish.

How can I eliminate this all together, but still have the sweet advantages of Rsync?
Both hosts are linux based.
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1ly4meConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean differential backup?
Yes it works well.
To backup,
#rsync -trv /local/location  /mounted/location  > /mounted/location/rsync.log

Open in new window

for differential backup
#rsync -trv /local/location  /mounted/location  > /mounted/location/rsync_diff.log
You no need to specify any encryption option.
do you still want encription ?
Try this
rsync -rvlpogt /host /destination --progress

-r - recursive
v - verbose
l - copy symlinks
p - preserve permissions
o - preserve owner name
g - preserve group name
t - preserve time stamp
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spiz79Author Commented:
No I still do not want encryption. This is over a private network (VPN) so encryption isn't needed.

right now this is what I'm doing

rsync -ae "ssh -c arcfour" root@ /backup --progress -z
legolasthehansyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove the -z
This speeds up the transfer in most cases.
have a look at that - silly to encrypt over a VPN that is already encrypted

Secure Network Transfers

Set the -e option of rsync to use ssh instead of rsh when copying to a remote system. Modern versions of rsync use ssh by default. While ssh is slower than rsh, the data being transfered will be encrypted, and therefore less likely to be maliciously read or altered, or randomly corrupted in transit.

$ rsync -e 'ssh -ax' -avz .

If speed is a concern, use a weaker encryption option to ssh.

$ rsync -e 'ssh -ax -c blowfish' -avz .

The -ax options to ssh disable Secure Shell (SSH) agent and X11 forwarding, which are not needed by rsync. Also consider setting -o ClearAllForwardings to ssh, to prevent possible automatic port forwards. For more information on options to OpenSSH, peruse ssh(1) and ssh_config(5).

taken from
spiz79Author Commented:
So rsync over RSH? how?
ChrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
by either using -e to specifiy no encryption or forcing rsh - see halfway down for examples
spiz79Author Commented:
thanks for the reply..
this is what I'm currently using..I have -ae that enough?

rsync -ae "ssh -c arcfour" root@ /backup --progress -z
ChrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try taking the e and ssh config element out of it - in that command you are specifying ssh and an algorithm
spiz79Author Commented:
rsync -a root@ /backup --progress

That's what I'm using now and it actually appears to be moving slower.
that is odd rsh should be faster than ssh
Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
You also dropped the compression which could be helping on a wan link. Add the -z back on and see if that helps
mount the remote backup folder locally (you can use samba or NFS) and take backup using tar.
You no need any encryption, Just tar the backup files and copy it to locally mounted backup location
spiz79Author Commented:
Would this have the same DIFF capabilities of rsync?
spiz79Author Commented:
so ultimately your saying NFS / Samba will be faster then RSH?

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