Displaying only certain numbers from a cell

I would like to have a formula in row f that would display only 5 of the numbers from column c.  I made an example of the numbers I need dispalyed by this formula please see f2 for this example,  It always going to be the 5 numbers after the 8 in the account code.

wcodyInformation Systems SpecialistAsked:
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
This will extract the number but as text:


if you want it as an actual number:


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Frank WhiteCommented:
You can use:


See modified example sheet:

be aware that the above will work only if your first 15 characters are "1    1    8    "

If that is always true, then award the points as above, if not, then you need to give examples of additional acct_cde values.
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Frank WhiteCommented:
Well, the formula I gave will always give the five characters (or digits) immediately after the first "8" in the cell value, ignoring spaces.

Different conditions will require changes in the formula.
Sorry DaFranker, you hadn't responded at the time - I was referring caution to @37757838 not yours.

Your solution gets my vote (provided of course that there will never be another 8 in the first few characters to spoil the search pattern!)
Frank WhiteCommented:
Yeah. Happens to me quite a bit that I start to reply, go do something else (or test what I'm about to post to make sure I don't confuse everyone).

I was trying to clarify for other users, who might think you were referring to both formulas.

If you want something that can parse the code based on spaces and such, and get the first five numbers from the last "block" or "group" of numbers, the formula gets a bit more complex but it can still be done (even without any VBA, though in this case I'd use one just to simplify my work coming up with one if I were the only user).
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:

The formula I posted does not rely on the first 15 characters being '1    1    8    ".

It doesn't refer to that anywhere.

What if there's never an 8?

Then you won't just get an incorrect result, you'll get an error.
Frank WhiteCommented:
I relied on the statement "It['s] always going to be the 5 numbers after the 8 in the account code." in order to write my formula.

Going by that information provided, I built a formula that always gives the 5 numbers (or characters, since it's unspecified whether it should filter out letters or other non-numeric characters) after the "8".

Again, if you need any other conditions or parameters, it can be done. It's just likely to make the formula a bit more complex (or just different).
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