Display blank results in Crystal Reports?

I'd like to know if there is a way to display something in a report even if the database doesn't have anything to report?  It's hard for me to explain so again, I'm hoping Michael or James is around and can help.  If I don't have any cost for one of my GL accounts in my report, can I still display the name of the account and a blank for the dollar amount?
Sue TaylorProject ManagerAsked:
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Yes, if you use LEFT JOIN between the table containing the accounts and the table containing the cost
In you rcase you have to reverse the tables in the linking expert or use a RIGHT OUTER JOIN


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Actually I checked the attached report - this may be a right join as it is on the report now.
In order to change the join type open Database expert, (menu Database->Databse expert), click on "Link" tab,  select one of the line connecting the 2 tables (balances and chart_of_accts) and click the button "Link options" on right. Then Change the join type to RIGHT JOIN ( because as it is now the start of the link is in balances :balances.company_no --> chart_of_accts.company_no)
Do the same for the second line
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Both links change when you change one.  You can't have one link as inner and the other as outer.

Additionally, make sure you don't build any record selection against the outer joined table or else you will effectively turn the outer join back into an inner join
Sue TaylorProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
I changed it to Right Outer Join and don't see any changes.  It's also set up at "Not Enforced" and Linke Type is "="       Is that correct?
Yes that is correct.

The issue is as UnifiedIS pointed out.  You are selecting records based on the Balances table

so you will only get records that have values in the balances table.

There are ways to get what you want but they are complex.  Is this a QuickBooks database?

Sue TaylorProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
no it's not a qb db.  I'll just accept it as it is.

You have closed this.  Do you want to try to pursue a solution?

Sue TaylorProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Since you said it was complex, I figured I'd just accept what I have.
That sounds super lazy!  We were willing to help. :)
BTW, 3 experts contributed, thanks for not recognizing.
Sorry Unified, I just noticed it was closed but didn't pay attention to the distribution.

ITWorks, it is customary to reward all the experts who provided parts of the answer.  If an expert simply made comments that didn't help with the solution then there is no need to reward but in this case Unified did add the information on the selection criteria.  I should have but didn't think of it.  Vasto provided the initial help and didn't check whether it would be left or right outer.

You can request this to be reopened and reward as desired or even leave it open to get a full solution.

I have written reports that do what you want through some tricks with subreports and arrays.  They are a bit complex to setup so I didn't want to spend the time on the solution if you didn't want it.

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