Cisco 1721 and VWIC

I have a Cisco 1721 that I need to install a VWIC T1 card in but for some reason the router is not seeing the card. It has the WIC 1 OK light on under the card but when I do a sh run it does not show the card. Is there something I need to do to get the router to see that card?
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mat1458Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1721 supports VWICs: You can use the interface only for data applications but not for voice (the hint with the PVDMs explains that). See

To make it run it depends on the software you are having on the router. Go to Cisco Software Advisor to find out what software you need or send show version and show diag.
If you do a show controller, do you see the card? Maybe you have to add the controller t1 timeslots x-x command.

Can you add the exact part number of your card and a show version command? It's easier to see if you have any HW- or SW issues.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
cisco 1721 does not support vic cards. you need 1751 or 1760 which have slots for pvdms.

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