Issue with Clonezilla

I'm having issues using Clonezilla.  Here are the steps I've done.

Start Clonezilla
select sdb1 (external drive)
top directory
beginner mode

The issue seems to be that I keep getting the following (see below), when I should really be getting a RESTORE option.  The times I've been able to get this RESTORE option, I get prompted by the program to decide if I really want to run this, which I keep on stating YES, but the "image" never gets placed on my computer.


I'm I missing some steps or something?
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How have you started CloneZilla? If you have booted from an Installed Linux distro on your PC's HD and started CloneZilla from there, and are trying to overwrite your running OS then of course it won't work. You need to start CloneZilla from a LiveCD or USB stick, something like the PartedMagic LiveCD, and then try the restore:
vulture71Author Commented:
I have started this from a LiveCD, but for some reason it will not work.  Also, I downloaded VMplayer and tried this without an OS installed on my VM, but same thing occurs.
How does VM come into this? Are you cloning a VM?
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vulture71Author Commented:
VM came into this as a test, but now I'm also considering installing this on vmplayer, but there is no OS installed on the vm machine.
I'm still not sure I understand your environment. Is the OS you are trying to clone originally a VM? If yes, then that should work as long as you add a 2nd virtual HD to the VM to clone or image to.You can also clone or image to a disk attached to the USB port, but before you start you must make sure that USB disk is activated in VMware Player via "Virtual Machine", "Removable Devices", then select the device and select "Connect (Disconnect from Host)". after that and a certain time it takes for detection, it should be available within the PartedMagic LiveCD environment (I'm not sure whether that also works in the Pure CloneZilla LiveCD). A further option could be to use "Shared Folders" which is configurable in the Options tab of the Virtual machine settings, and then you can connect to those like on a LAN within the VM.

If the OS you are trying to clone isn't also a VM, then booting CloenZilla from a VM won't help much, as Physical HD on which your OS runs won't be available.
vulture71Author Commented:
I took an image of a physical pc and I wanted to apply this Clonezilla to another pc.  So I guess I took an image of pc1 and trying to copy that image to pc2.  I tried the vm approach as a test on a VM machine.  

Do I also need to install this PartedMagic software as well?  If so, how?  Is it on the CD I burned (Clonezilla)?  If not, where do I get this PartedMagic from?
No. PartedMagic is a LiveCD (similar to the CloneZilla LivecD. It just has more and better options, and includes CloneZilla too). There is nothing to install with a LiveCD.
vulture71Author Commented:
I just burned Parted Magic to a CD, can you send me instructions on how to use this tool.  Also, I'm assuming that I'll be able to use the image I copied over to my USB drive using Clonezilla and now I can used this parted magic CD to move the image over?
Just boot your PC from that CD. If you have at least 300 MB RAM or more in the PC, then you can use the top option when the menu comes up (this loads the complete OS into RAM and then ejects the CD, which makes the OS more responsive when you use it, and you could use the DVD drive further tasks).

Then when you are in the GUI of PartedMagic you can first open the Partition Editor tool (it is available as an icon on the Desktop), and with it you can see if all your drives are available, and you should also see what names which one got (for example sda1 or sdb1 or just sda etc.). If you can see the drive where the image you made to using CloneZilla is on, and also the drive you want to restore the image to, you can use the ParteMagic menu button (It's on the same place where windows has it's start button), navigate to "System Tools", and then CloneZilla. After that select "Device-Image", then "local_dev". Now you should get a list of all attached disks and partitions, and with the info you gained previously with the Disk Editor tool you can now select the partition on which your CloneZilla image is on. This partition will then get mounted and you can select the directory in which the image is. You can only select the first directory, not the next one down, that means that the CloneZilla Image on your USB drive should be in a directory similar to this:


If it isn't in such a directory structure you may have to move the image first so it is in such a structure so CloneZilla can find it.

After that you will have to tell CloneZilla that you want to Restore an image to a partition, and after that you have to select the Destination partition where you want to Restore to. Now if I'm not mistaken you'll have to confirm a couple of times until the process starts, and if the image you made was OK the restore Process should run through.

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