jQuery DatePicker HTTPS issue with IE

I use a jQuery Date Picker. It works fine in Chrome and Firefox.


Unfortunately Microsoft's new IE security features will not permit it to be displayed without an error message under HTTPS. HTTP is just fine. I can work around it, but HTTPS is required later in the program for credit card submission.

Any fixes or suggestions. Dan
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designatedinitializerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure every asset you load on that page comes from an https: url.
Browsers (not only ie) tend to be pretty strict when you're trying to load unencrypted stuff from an https: address.
dhaakenAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Easy fix. The only external assets loading on the page were a couple of Jquery scripts from ajax.googleapis.com that ran the DatePicker. As soon I changed them to https it worked. AND it appears that so long as https is used as the website URL, that relative asset URLs such as images, include files, etc within the document work fine. Is that a safe assumption?
I guess so. But if it gives you any trouble, just convert them to absolute references.
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