iphone 3GS Jailbreak help required

Good morning all,

I am not sure if this is the right forum or not.  I use EE mainly for my job in IT consultnacy.

Here is my problem.

I recently got my iphone 3GS jailbroken by a local iphone repair centre.  I had the iphone charging on my laptop and mistakingly  updated it to the latest IOS 5 which has rendered the phone useles..

What I need is a way to restore my iphone to a functional IOS and then unlock it so I can use a vodafone sim (currently it is locked to O2).

Do I need to pay to get this done professionaly or can I do this myself.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Please tell me that you've been making backups of your iphone! Here's an approach that may help you....

* Plug your iPhone into the computer (mac or windows, whichever you use to sync with your iTunes)
* Then reset the iPhone by holding the home and power button at the same time
* Keep holding them down until you see the reboot screen, but do not let go as yet
* Keep holding it down until the next thing you see is the restore screen where you’ll see the iTunes logo and the USB cable on your iPhone screen
* You’ll be connected to your iTune and restore to your last backup

Let me know what happens.
GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the swift response!!!

When the iphone was updating it said it was taking a backup of the current iphone, but when I try your above method (about 11 times at this stage) it says their is no backup to restore from!!!!

Have I ruined the iphone??

Well, depends... do you have any backups that are older than the day you accidentally upgraded? If so, then you can use one of those backups instead. If you have no other backups, let me know.
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GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:

I'm afraid I have no backups at all to revert to.  I did see online I could use things like WhiteSnow, etc to try and jailbreak them, but I really dont know what I am doing.

I am quite technical in many regards, but have no experience whatsoever with jailbreaking...


While I personally have not had to try this approach, this one might help you if you have no available backups.

I know that every country is different, but will O2 provide the unlock codes for iphones? I know here in the US AT&T tends not to.
GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thanks buddy - will give those steps a try now and come back to you shortly.

Thanks again for the tips..

GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
I did call O2 to get the unlock code, and gave them the IMEI number which they need to send to apple so it can bu unlocked.  however, when I gave them the IMEI number they say it is not valid.  Which leads me to believe that the local Iphone repair centre may have changed the IMEI number when they jailbroke the phone.  Does that sound like something they would do?
i assume you contacted O2 after getting the phone jailbroken?

it's not impossible to tamper with the imei number. if your iphone still has the original sim card tray, then you can eject the tray and look on it. you may find the serial number and imei number (that will tell you for sure if the imei number may have been electronically changed at the time of jailbreaking)
GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
Exactly, the iphone now is in setup mode (asking me to choose language, etc) and since it is locked to O2, wont recognise my Vodafone SIM which is really annoying.

I didnt know that they are not able to change the IMEI number.  Makes sense though.

I did get a replacement SIM tray as I lost the original.

These keeps getting better and better!!!!!
GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
OK, so the steps I have just finsished.  

I boot the phone in to recovery mode and follow the instructions. It says you need to restore the iphone, but the only option I get is to restore it to factory and donwload the latest IOS version form Apple.

I assume once the restore is done I will be back to the exact same point.
GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
Yep - Back to the same thing again after the restore....

Do you have any experience in actually re-jailbreaking the phone?
I assume you're back to the point before you had it jailbroken.

I personally lack experience around jailbreaking, even though I've heard a lot about snowbreeze.

a way around having to jailbreak it again would be if you have the box. there is an IMEI number on the box, which would be another solution to getting phone unlocked by O2. Then again, the IMEI number that shows in the phone now may be the actual number that you've been needing all along!

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GeminiTechnologyAuthor Commented:
OK, well listen thanks for the help today, im sure you have better things to be doing on a Saturday morning!!!

Will give O2 another try and see what happens.

Thanks again.


Will close case and award points now.
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