Outlook 2010: No Umlauts when anwering

Ehen answering a mail containing Umlaute (Outlook 2010 with Word as Editor as requested by the user) all Umlaute will be translated into special characters.

It only happens to some mails.

PST file already recreated from scratch (Unicode).
Many thanks - Michael
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Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Having looked further at the question, if it is only on *answering* mails that this fault comes up, then we may need to look at what format and mail program the messages are being sent FROM.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
is this to do with the mail format that is being selected?  Look at the title bar of each email, and see if it says (Plain Text), (Rich Text) or (HTML).  I would have thought that you may need to change these to support the umlaut - ë

You can change these options on the Format Text tab in 2010...
sg08234Author Commented:
We have to use Word (RTF) as Editor as requested by the user and this by default supports Umlaute.
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Although the editor may be able to generate the character, whether the mail format can support it is a different question.

Do you have other users that can successfully do this?

Out of interest, how do you generate the umlaut, and which font are you using?
Word's standard shortcut for it is CTRL+SHIFT+: followed by an e.
sg08234Author Commented:
Sorry fpor delay, but i have not been able yet to get hands on the mail sender.

Thanks - Michael
sg08234Author Commented:
The AtiVirus scanner ESET caused the problem.
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