control's event handler

Hi all,

I have a variable of type Button that I get from a call back on a form.
Just having this variable, is there a way to find the button's Click event
Just to be clear - when I assign it myself, like so:

Button b = new Button();
b.Click += new EventHandler(this.button_Click);

I obviously know that button_Click function gets called -
that's what I need to find out for the variable.

Thank you,

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Bob LearnedCommented:
I don't understand your question, and what you mean by "that's what I need to find out for the variable"
Mi-JackAuthor Commented:
I have a variable of type Button, and I need to find out its OnClick EventHandler(s)
Bob LearnedCommented:
Do you mean typeof(Button).GetType().GetEvents()?
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Mi-JackAuthor Commented:
I mean that particular Button reference to which I have, not Button as a class
Bob LearnedCommented:
That would be slightly different:


What do you to know from the EventInfo?
Mi-JackAuthor Commented:
Looks like I'm getting EventHandlerType, but not an EventHandler handler, so I could remove an event, like this:

button1.Click -= new EventHandler(<EventHandler >);
Bob LearnedCommented:
Where do you need to do this?  Do you have a reference to the control, and you need to do it dynamically?
Mi-JackAuthor Commented:
The control is in a dll.
By iterating the Controls collection, I find the control I need, and I need to replace the control's Click EventHandler with my own.
Bob LearnedCommented:
That is possible with reflection.  The steps are shown in the code from this CodeProject article:

Removing Event Handlers using Reflection

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Mi-JackAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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