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Hi guys! I installed exchange 2010 in a server 2008 R2. Everything was installed without any problems. The problem I'm having is I can't access the outlook web app with the External URL...... I can access it with the internal URL with a problem! Every time I try to access it externally it gives me a page that says page not available. I attached a picture... Can you help me out??  

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Need a little more information on the setup of your network from the internet to your exchange front-end server. Do you only have one server setup with exchange? Is the front-end setup on the same server?

Have you checked to make sure you have forwarded port 443?

I checked into the domain and getting replys from my dns server saying domain does not exist. That's most likely your problem. How your accessing the external side of the server? From your computer at home or work?

Give me a complete idea of how your setup is configured.

Your PC at home -> router -> internet -> router -> exchange server ?

Looks like s the domain name does not exist.
Simply,on your routeur redirect the TCP 443 to the internal server adress.
then use
https://WanIPaddress/owa, that should work.

hugonietoAuthor Commented:
@ fresnotech: Thanks for responding! I do have just one server set up with exchange and I'm sorry but Im starting to learn this.... what do you mean by front-end setup on the same server? I checked port 443 and it is open.. I have a router sending out ip addresses (acting as DHCP) I will attached the results of an IPCONFIG from this server and another results from a workstation which is a standalone computer...... both are getting the internet connection from the router acting as a DHCP. I hope this give more info so you can help me out.

@Burns1978: Thanks as well for responding! like I mentioned the the above description I'm kind of new on this. Sorry guys. I think I'm missing something with the set up of the server 2008 because I have IIS 7 installed and I can't even access the website from home or out the network. Like you guys mentioned it can't find the public DNS or it doesn't exist. I need help!!
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hugonietoAuthor Commented:
Hey guys! This is going to be so embarrassing but I found out by doing research that I need to own a domain name to be able to have access to the outlook web app from exchange 2010 and have external access. please correct me if I'm wrong on this! The thing is that I already have a domain name ( ) with which is hosted by Here I have a website which is working fine, it needs some work but I'm working on it. Can I use this domain name without affecting the website to some how use outlook we app? how can I set up my server or exchange 2010 to work with this domain name? What do I need IIS 7 for then if I'm using another hosting space or domain name? I'm kind of confused!!

The domain name is optional...As a said, if you redirect your tcp 443 port to
the Lan adresse of your exchange server/OWA. You will only have to know what is your wan ip address and use it in a browser like IE or firefox,etc.
EX: https://YouWanipadress/owa
you can find your ip on

Now, you already have a domain name.Perfect.
You have to add an host record in your DNS "In the go daddy interface" pointing
to your WAN address where you OWA is hosted. Of course, a static IP address is require to accomplish this.

This is what your DNS records looks like now
/ A 4 hours (Orem, UT, US) MX 4 hours 0 NS 1 day NS 1 day SOA 1 day 2011102103 86400 7200 3600000 300 TXT 4 hours  v=spf1 a mx ptr ?all SOA 3 hours 2011102103 86400 7200 3600000 300 CNAME 4 hours CNAME 4 hours
You must add a "A" record
Like.....Webmail(or anything) to "your Wan ip address".
After this is accomplished, you will be able to use
to access your OWA.

Hope this clarify the situation.
hugonietoAuthor Commented:
@Burns1978: Thank you man!!! I redirect PORT 443 to the exchange server and it worked... Now, I have access to the the outlook web app! but how secure is this? I mean redirecting this port like this and accessing the outlook web app by using my public IP?
hugonietoAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys! Im dying in here!! I was able to do some progress on this exchange project. Now, I'm able to access the outlook web app.... from here I can send and receive emails from other users internally. Also, I'm able to send emails externally... for example to a gmail or hotmail account. This is the same when working on my desktop using outlook installed. But, now I have this problem which I can't receive any emails from hotmail or gmail!!! meaning that I can't receive external emails.... Every time I tried to reply to the emails I sent from either the outlook web app or the outlook application on my desktop.... I don't receive them!!!! I hope you guys can help me out with this one!

Did you end up getting a domain name to associate the ip address? I don't believe e-mail servers will e-mail to ip addresses. You may need to setup your exchange accounts to pull pop3 from your ISP.

To be quite frank, setup is all well in good for testing purposes but e-mail servers work on the premise that your is a domain associated with it (mx records, TXT spf etc), and that your ip addresses isn't in any known spam lists.

Hope that helps.

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hugonietoAuthor Commented:
@fresnotech: actually, I did... I managed to use the domain name I have on my website ( One question, I have the windows server domain name (hogar.local) set up on my 2008 R2 server and for this exchange server is I guess. So, does it make a difference that they have two different names? I figured the problem.... For receiving external email. I just enabled outlook anywhere and then I was able to receive external emails.  BUT, now I want to set up my email account on an androit phone using exchange activesync and to be honest Im kind a lit bit lost. It is asking me to enter exchange server name, exchange domain name, username, and password. I used my username and password to log into OWA but my phone wont take it..... And im not so sure about the exchange sever and exchange domain names!! Im sure Im not entering the right ones!!!This is s pain in the neck!!!
What are you trying to enter into each field?

Typically you'll want to put the exchange external domain for the server field and hogar\username for the username field (notice the "hogar\")

Autodiscover Service:

I also found this article on the net which may help walk you through exchange and android connectivity.
hugonietoAuthor Commented:
hey guys! I left the mobile set up for later on because I got a more serious problem when sending emails... when I send emails out there is a few people who don't get the emails and I get an email back saying something like this... rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses: ( gave this error:
Service unavailable; Client host [my public IP address or WAN] blocked using Spamhaus Blocklist, mail from IP banned; To request removal from this list see

Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept e-mail from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery.
See my earlier post regarding non-static IP addresses:

 "... and that your ip addresses isn't in any known spam lists."

Most spamlists automatically include known IPs handed out to residential connections. I use for determining what IPs are on spamlists.

Couple of things you can do:

- You can try requesting removal from the blocklists. If you are indeed using a residential IP, they may reject the request just on that premise.

- Use a smarthost for sending out e-mail. Basically you'll utilize your ISPs SMTP server. See this article. Pretty decent read on a quick glance. Most likely you'll use your ISPs SMTP connection instead of signing up for the service they suggest.

- Request Whitelisting of your SMTP server on any Receiving Servers that bounce your e-mail. (This won't be possible for G-mail, Hotmail, etc.)

- If your pocket book allows, get a business class, static IP connection.
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