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I'm getting an error with this code, can you please tell me if you see anything wrong.  The error is only in IE8.  Chrome and FF work just fine.

  // AUDIO:
    $('#jplayer_music_link').click(function(){$(this).attr('for-lable'), "My Musics", "width=275,height=500");

    }); // end of jplayer_music_link block

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Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
try this:

 // AUDIO:
        e.preventDefault();$(this).attr('for-lable'), "My Musics", "width=275,height=500");

    }); // end of jplayer_music_link block

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deputycheekAuthor Commented:
What is it doing?
Lalit ChandraCommented:
Remove spaces from the second argument of the i,e change

My Musics

if it still does't work then make the second argument( "MY Music" to empty).

Note : In function,  Microsoft does not support a name as second argument. When you look at the official documentation page, you see that Microsoft only allows the following arguments, If using that argument at all:

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