How to set your domain's Name Servers and MX Record to different locations.


I have a client that has a company with a web site. .  The original web development company has dissolved and the owner has hired me to update his company web site.

I have created a new web site and I am ready to change the name servers to our hosting account(name server).  However, there is a problem.  One of 'abcxyx' company's employees checks his email from the current name server's web interface.  Hence, there is no copy of the employee's email/contacts on any device.  The company cannot afford to loose these emails.  

I spoke with the employee and he would like to begin using Outlook.  My plan is to:

1.  Setup Outlook, with the IMAP settings of the current name server, on the employees laptop.
       a.  Then download a copy of the emails/contacts into Outlook, on the employees laptop.

2.  I will then check the web interface to make sure that there still is a copy of all of the employee's emails/contacts in the web interface.

3.  After all of the emails/contacts have been copied down to the laptop, I am planning on changing the IMAP settings, in the outlook Client, to the new name servers(on GoDaddy) witch will host the new web site and email accounts.

4.  Then, I will contact godaddy and initiate the name server change.  

5.  After the name servers and MX record information has changed, in theory the new IMAP GoDaddy email accounts should synch up with the 'abcxyz' s employees laptop and transfer a copy of all of the emails to the new GoDaddy email account.

My question is how does the above plan sound like?  Am I missing anything?
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
I would just connect outlook and export it all to a PST file, than import it again after setting up a new outlook profile, Keep it simple, and straight forward. there is no reason to try and connect the same profile, plus by putting it all into a PST file you have an additional backup.

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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Can I just:

1.  Download the Emails/Contacts into the Outlook profile(on the laptop).  

2.  Then, export the .pst file somewhere (for a backup).

3.  Then, sych up the same outlook profile to the new IMAP settings (on Godaddy name servers).

4.  In theory, shouldn't the new IAMP settings (from GoDaddy) pull the existing Outlook Profiles information(from the laptop) to the Godaddy email server?
       a.  So the emails/contacts are on the laptop and on the GoDaddy servers at the same time.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
I'd definitely make sure you have a confirmed backup, but I don't think that's going to work, having never actually tried what your suggesting specifically, I can't say for sure. but I seem to think you'll just end up with 2 different imap folders or deleting the mail that doesn't match the server.
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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I am sure someone must have had to try this before.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Harlee66 I just spoke with Go Daddy and they verified what you suggested.  That a new mailbox will be created for the new emails that will be coming in when the IMAP settings are changed from the old IMAP to teh new IMAP settings.

So the best thing to do would be to:

1.  Download the emails/contacts to the laptop.  

2.  Export the .pst file somewhere as a backup.
     Question:  Does the .pst file include contacts?

3.  Delete the existing Outlook profile.

4.  Then create a new Outlook profile.
       a.  Use the new GoDaddy IAMP settings.

5.  Then import the recently exported .pst file.
       a.  Then close outlook, I will not be able to connect to the GoDaddy IAM settings becasue they are not moved yet.

6.  After I close Outlook, on the laptop, change the name servers for the '' domain to point to GoDaddy.
       a.  This will initiate the process to have the new web site active and the email addresses active on teh Godaddy side.

7.  I plan on this happening on a weekend to allow for time to finish the DNS migration.
       a.  Follow up with the user on Monday.

Does this sound good?  Am I missing anything?  Does an exported .pst include contacts?  I know for outlook express contacts are included.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
in theory yes the PST can contain contacts but you need to make sure they're exported.

so my suggestion.

1.Make or rename the current profile in OutLook like
2.than connect ussing IMAP,
3.export everything to a PST.
4.make a copy of the PST,
5. and go open it on another machine as a plain outlook data file, make sure there is mail and contacts.
6.make DNS changes,
7. Make a new outlook profile called NEW_Oulook.
8. connect to new settings ussing IMAP.
9. import OldPST into new Outlook profile. and confirm with webmail it's all up there including contacts.
10. set NEW_Outlook to be the default profile.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Should I wait for the DNS change to be completed before I setup the new_outlook profile on the laptop?
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
yes it won't work till the dns changes are functional if your ussing the domain names.

I think go daddy have settings and those should work independant of the DNS.

I would think the most important thing is to test the PST backup on another machine. and make sure all the info you want is in there.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I think testing the .pst, before I delete the profile is a good idea.

How about this...

Since the laptop will be in the company's office for the weekend.  I thought about working on the laptop on a Saturday.  

1.  While using Outlook, download the emails(from currently used name servers).
2.  Check if the emails are still in the web interface.
3.  Export the the info. to a .pst file.
4.  Then test the exported .pst file on another PC.
5.  If everything is good, then delete the Outlook profile from the company laptop.
6.  Then re-set a new profile with the new GoDaddy IMAP settings, on the employee laptop.
       a.  Then import the .pst file to the new outlook profile(on the employee laptop).
            i.  This way the new Outlook email account will have the old emails; but, not yet be able to synch up with the GoDaddy servers.
7.  Then go home and proceed with the name server changes(Saturday afternoon).
       a.  I know that the new Godaddy IMAP settings are not active; but, by Monday, when the employee will be coming in, it should be in synch.
       b.  Hence, when the employee opens up his laptop, on Monday, the GoDaddy servers should be working.

8.  Follow up with the employee on Monday.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
looks good except I wouldn't delete the old profile, there is no need, you can have multiple profiles on the same machine, and just go into the mail profiles sections, and set the default start up profile.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I see.  Yes, I can set the new profile to "always use this profile".

ok, let me review everything one more time.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
well in the computer world, the best advice I can give, what I tell everyone that works for me, backup backup backup, and test the backups on a different machine. never delete anything that belongs to a client. when you're super sure it's ready to be deleted put the shortcut on their desktop and tell them to delete it after they are also sure it's not needed. offer to sell them an external or thumb drive to hold the data and keep it for historical data, but never put yourself in the position of a client being able to say "you deleted something I need".
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