Adobe Flash CS5 Copy Object from within movie clip to paste same size and position on main timeine

I have a movie clip within a movie clip (on the main timeline). It's an image. It's got a motion tween applied.

The image (within the MC on the main timeline)  finishes it's tween at a certain dimension and position.

I want to copy that image at those dimensions and in that position to the next keyframe in the MAIN timeline.

The reason I want to do that it is that I use cuepoints to move the main timeline's playhead forward and want flexibility to add a transition from this image to the next image on the main timeline; therefore, I'm putting the transition of this image on that next keyframe instead of within the existing MC motion tween... hope this all makes sense.

When I do it now, by clicking on the image in the last frame of my tween (within the MC on the main timeline) and pasting to a blank keyframe in the main timeline, it's a different size and position (even though I set the X, Y, W, & H values to be the same). I believe these are relative values, the one within the MC using the MC's "world", while when I bring it out onto the main timeline, it's using the main timeline's "world" and is different.

Thanks for any help on this...

Also, is Flash a viable authoring tool for the near future? I keep reading it's problems with  Apple's Iphone/Ipad make HTML5 the future even though HTML5 is currently less robust.
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in the main timeline, duplicate that last frame. Then select the duplicate frame. Now break apart the movieClip which contains the image.

As for your 2nd question, I think it actually is something of a mistery.
Adobe is trying to get Flash Builder to deploy fuss-free mobile apps for several platforms, but I don't have any real experience with it.
On the other hand, HTML5 is very limited, in comparison with what you can achieve in Flash.
tlengnickAuthor Commented:
Ok, I did as you suggested, but whether I a) Paste, b) Paste in center, or c) paste in place, it fails to put it in the same place as the last frame within the MC tween...
It appears to be the same size, but it's offset to the left... this necessitates that I painstakingly trial-and-error different placements, testing the movie each time (I can't just click the main timeline 1 frame earlier, because that's not the frame I'm trying to match... it's the frame within that movie clip in which the tween ends at frame 60 - that's the image I want to match.)

Regarding the other point... it's a hassle that a single product (iPad) has such influence on development... kudos to Apple for creating such mystique/social buzz about their products...  I guess there are legitimate complaints about Flash as well, but who's going to come up with something (thus, HTML5) that can create these cool programs that works on all machines?
1. I think I didn't explain properly: you must duplicate the frame in the timeline, NOT the movieclip that is on the stage.
In the timeline, click on the frame. Now Alt-drag the frame to the right in order to get a duplicate frame.
Now you can break apart this duplicate frame's contents.

2. Yeah. I think Adobe isn't gonna let flash slip away. I develop stuff for iPads and I know that HTML5 platforms are very limited. Native iOS development, on the other hand, is more complex. The niche market for Flash is still there, trust me.
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tlengnickAuthor Commented:
1. I think I'm the one who didn't explain clearly...

The movie clip on the timeline occupies 1 frame (frame 5, say). When I double click on the mc (it's an image of a hummingbird), it opens to its MC timeline. Within THAT timeline, I create a tween (which necessitates the creation of yet another movie clip (which I hate). That movie clip is 60 frames long. Frame 1 is the image of the hummingbird just as it appears in the main timeline: big and centered. I create a keyframe at the end of my 60-frame tween, and I scale the image down and move it to the left. That final frame's image (size and position) is what I'm trying to duplicate back out on the MAIN TIMELINE on Frame 6.

2. Right... perhaps someone will create something in the future that serves all platforms, or HTML5 will become complex enough to meet the demands of all the ADHD users the web has (and will have)... thanks for the reassurance... don't feel like learning a new tool (I just started learning Flash CS5 2 months ago)...
I get it. Your problem stems from the fact that when you break the MC apart, it reveals the 1st frame in the MC timeline.
Do this:

1. On the main timeline, duplicate the last keyframe, like I told you before. If this is frame 5, then our new copy will be on frame 6.
2. On frame 6, click on the movieclip that's on the stage to select it.
3. On the Properties tab, click on the "Swap" button next to the "Instance of..." label.
4. Click on the "Duplicate" icon in the "Swap symbol" dialog.
5. Enter a name for the duplicate. Lets say we call it "dup"
6. Now, enter the "dup" timeline.
7. Select all the frames but the last one, which is the frame you want, and delete them.
8. Now, this "dup" MC has exactly 1 frame, and it is equal to that last frame you wanted. So, lets get back to the main timeline and... presto! there you have it.

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tlengnickAuthor Commented:
ok, i hate that i can't figure this out, but how the heck do I select all but the last frame in order to delete them?

I've tried various combinations of alt, ctrl, and shift clicks... i've converted to frame-by-frame animation and tried the same thing... ain't happenin'.
haha! happens to the best. It happened to me also... way bak when...
click and drag... then right click on it and select "delete frames"

(Flash has always had the worst UI...)
tlengnickAuthor Commented:
Holy crap, it worked! (Ctrl+Click and drag did it!)

Thanks so much for your patience!!
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