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Hi, I have my CDs in racks in alphabetical order, but the racks are grouped according to what they would normally be searched for. For pop music, that tends to be by performer, and for classical, it is by composer. Other groups have been omitted here for simplification of explanation.

I am looking to a media player that respects the composer enough to allow listing and sorting. I don't want to see all the works for Beethoven listed with Mozart, Rossini and Strauss and grouped together under each (albeit excellent) obscure eastern European conductor and orchestra.

Hmm. I even have trouble here in selecting a zone. Oops, it's now a topic, not a zone. I'll try 'Digital Living'
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I run TwonkyServer 5.1.9 on a WD MyBook World 'white lights' NAS box (the older 'blue rings' version does not include Twonky, though I've seen it said that those can be modified to run it, I have not tried it on my older 'blue rings' model).

It's possible the custom mods that users came up with in response to the contest at are built into newer versions, but the different mods described in the entries are what I used to customize the version that came with my NAS. Quite a few users had asked for Composer sorting, apparently, as I notice that specifically mentioned there (21 times, according to IE's Find function).

Here's the link to their downloads page

I see by the products tab there they've recently switched to a service called MyTwonky, apparently located in the 'cloud' (I haven't signed up for it, nor even tried it), but the TwonkyManager and TwonkySpecial (nee Twonky Server) are still available.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Windows Media Player already has that capability if the files are tagged properly

As shown here

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GrahamSkanRetiredAuthor Commented:
Twonky seems to be some sort of multimedia internet search engine, not really relevant to playing local audio tracks. However I'll see if there is a bit of it that would suit.
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GrahamSkanRetiredAuthor Commented:
There are three views for sorting the library in Widows Media Player: Genre, Album or Artist. Once the album has been found, the display can show the composer, but I can't look through a library by composer.
GrahamSkanRetiredAuthor Commented:
Usefully, Twonky can browse the local library by folder. Unfortunately it needs to be connected to the internet to work.
> Twonky seems to be some sort of multimedia internet search engine

Huh?  It's a Media Server, like TVersity, GMediaServer, uShare, Mezzmo, XBMC, et al.

Nearly all of those are light years ahead of, and all do use 90% less resources than, Win7's built-in Media Center, by the way.
GrahamSkanRetiredAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I had the terminology wrong. They sound marvellous, if you have a use for that sort of thing. My internet connection is slow and unreliable, with a limited download allowance  so I must have something stand-alone.
GrahamSkanRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the efforts. There obviously is nothing that will do the job, so I think I'll have to try writing something for myself.
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