I'm looking for a program which tracks data usage.

Posted on 2012-03-25
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
A network of 4 PC, including a file server, has recently had issues with maxing out their ISP's internet cap. Even after 'upping' to a current package almost 10x in size, they are still finding they're having problems (in fact, the phantom usage seems to have increased to accommodate the increase in cap - that's stumped me entirely!). Wi-Fi security has been checked and updated, but this has made no change.

Multiple MBAM & NOD32 scans have been run on all systems, on a few different days - nothing found. Zemana antilogger has been placed onto the (file) server, but nothing has been picked up as yet.

Still, the increased traffic appears, even when only one user is there (and he's the business owner, and has told me exactly what he is running).

Any ideas on (free) tracking software which I can install on each system which would allow me to at very least isolate which PC/s contain the software causing the problem (as I suspect it is some sort of malicious software on the given PC/s which we haven't yet detected but which is causing these problems)?
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I suggest to increase outgoing network security by enabling
security rules in your router. Most of router allows to make access control list(acl).
in addition, you must log the packet that was rejected by your firewall.
That way, you will find which device is spamming your ISP...
common port to enable are
tcp 80-443-25
UDP 53
Block and log everything else.

the other approach is the packet sniffing.
you can download Wireshark software, and sniff the pack flow
between your LAn switch and your routeur.

good luck

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Burns1978, I'm not sure that the Optus wireless VoIP modem installed has these options - I can check. I did drop in to set up Wireshark on all their PCs, but had some issues regarding an 'Out of Memory' error - seems to have been resolved by deactivated real-time display and setting it up to store multiple files once certain size thresholds are met.

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Burns1978, thanks, I made the adjustments to the VoIP modem (IAD), but no change was seen. The issue definitely appears to be from the Server because we were finally able to turn off and the usage has gone back to normal. Now, all I need to do is trawl through GBs of Wireshark data.

Any idea what I'm looking for - haven't used Wireshark before?
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Start with the DNS. Look for the most common IP. Check protocols used (FTP, HTTP, torrent, etc). Look for anything fishy.

I'm wondering if someone has hijacked the server and is using it as a Warez server.

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pand0ra_usa, warez server?
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Warez is a term for pirated software, porn and malware infected files.

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pand0ra_usa, I suppose that could account for the higher than usual traffic! I'll see if there's anything strange on the wireshark logs, but I hope I am able to pick up whatever fishy activity is going on! I'll keep you posted (it will probably be a few days until I can get back to you on this- sorry).
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So, using wireshark capture everything then start by setting up some display filters. Actually, start by sorting by protocol first. See which protocol you have the most of (HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc). Then maybe start reassembling some of the packets to get an idea of what files are going out. PAy attention to any image files (gif, jpg, bmp, etc), executables  (.exe), and audio/video files (.mp3, .mp4, .mov, etc).

Can you tell us the amount of bandwidth that is being used? 10GB? 100GB? And the rate (per hour, per day, etc).

Author Comment

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Thanks, pand0ra_usa, you seem to have picked up the tone of my feeling as though syphoning through wireshark data files was more than a little daunting, especially given the gigabytes of them. I appreciate the tips!

We'd be talking about anywhere from 1-5GB per day, sometimes more.

I'll set up those filters and get back to you ASAP on the results.

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This information was helpful and allowed us to isolate unauthorised traffic.

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