transfering file of 5GB size

I would like to transfer 5GB size over the internet to one other friend. I would like to know best free, cheap larger file transfer options that are available. Any ideas, resources, links highly appreciated.thanks in advance
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
go to   Their entire business is data transfer in large quantities, and I've used their inexpensive service to transfer hundreds of GB at a pop.   It utilizes data compression and java front ends to browsers and such to make it painless.

It pretty much is a windows-explorer drag & drop and it is secure.   Also a free trial ;)
gnemiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
split the file with 7zip or winrar(file size depends on host you choose)

then upload to a file sharing site like

give download links to your friend

alternatively you can create a torrent with a program like uTorrent and give your friend the torrent info
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R. Andrew KoffronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with  QPR  dropbox
Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Yousendit and all the clones
gudii9Author Commented:
Yousendit is too costly for me. Dropbox free version only supporting 2GB
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Zip split. Yousendit.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
pretty much all the major archive tools have a split archive feature.

google docs is free and each file can be 1GB so it's another option once file is chuncked
and I'm pretty sure can store 5 1GB archive files.
BigSchmuhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
7Zipping will lower the capacity need for sure...

I will either burn a classic 4.7GB DVD and ship it to my friend or send it by FTP (about 13h upload time @ 110KBs) using this kind of free site (french language website allowing up to 10GB by FTP without any warranty and with 30 days unused files deleted automatically)
shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use hjsplit to split the files of smaller size
Sky drive offers 25gb of free storage
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