Windows cannot connect to the Domain

I used the vconverter from quest to do V2P conversion
The conversion done successfully.

When the physical machine started i tried to logon with Domain account but i got the below message

"Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer account was not found. Please try again later. If this message continues to appear, contact your system administrator for assistance"

I don't know what causes this issue ,,,i know it can be solved by disjoin and rejoin the domain but this is not applicable for me ...I am working with severs that cant be disconnected from domain.

is there any way to avoid this issue ??
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
From the new virtual machine can you ping your DC? Has the Virtual machine correctly configured NIC's?
when you convert from V2P sometimes you loss the NIC drivers check NIC drivers and then ping your DC.
ChrisSenior Technical ArchitectCommented:
you could always try reseting the computer account within AD to let it sort itself out, presuming that its fully connected to the network and can resolve DC's etc
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

Also check your DNS suffixes because such issues can occur due to different administrative delegations to different DNS zones.
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
@ Neilsr: From the retored VM on physical , I can ping the DC..The NIC configured properly but the original server had fixed IP after conversion it was set to automatic IP and I had to fix the IP again.

@ven16: i can ping DC

@irweazelwallis: What the "reset" will it a renewl for the SID??

@nipponsoul:Sorry i didnt got ur point.

I just wanna highlight that I am working on "DR" project for physical servers and it depends on:

•      Convert original physical servers to VMs
•      synchronize the data between physical servers  and VM
•      in case of physical server failure , we will work on VM
•      After fixing the original physical server, retore the VM

so i need to avoid the disjoin and re join the domain it will not work with me
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
in DR senario, you should have 1 GC/DC @ DR location, orignal or VM but should be uptodate... and all the DR host should be pointed to DR GC/DC....
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
@Syed_M_Usman: i am just highlighting the situation but the problem is as posted before
ChrisSenior Technical ArchitectCommented:
you will need to refresh domain membership once doing this.

If you are using this for DR then it will be a one way process you should p2v and v2p that will only cause you issues - like this one.

can you do any of the following

have an NLB of any kind so that both machines partake in live service and if you have a physical failure you can run off the other one.
Can you virtualise the physical one then you could move it around at your whim - once its virtual it won't care to much but the v2p process can cause issues.

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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
make sure DR - server is Pointed to DR DC/GC.
Put DR DC ip in your DR server primary dns tab and try
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
how should i refresh domain membership?

Just forget about the DR as it is not as u imagine,the i am working on the same domain with the same dc there is nothing specific for the DR.
It just about V2p conversion.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
1. Login as Local Administrator
2. Remove Computer from the Domain.
3, Restart Computer when prompted.
4. Login as Local Administrator
5. Add Computer to Domain.
6. At Welcome to Domain Prompt
7. Restart Computer.
8. Done.
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
Well will not work for the Exchange Server for example...any other workaround.

I checked the event viewer and it generated Event ID 3210 Source Netlogon "This computer could not be authenticated...."
ChrisSenior Technical ArchitectCommented:
but when you do the V2P conversion is the source machine still live?
that will cause issues - if you convert the source needs to be turned off and the target turned on or you need to rename and rejoin the target to the domain
•      Convert original physical servers to VMs
•      synchronize the data between physical servers  and VM
•      in case of physical server failure , we will work on VM
•      After fixing the original physical server, retore the VM

Doomed to failure.
You just can't do that.
I think others have kinda-sorta said that,...but I am just going to say it flat out,..."You can not do that.  The theory is flawed,...things don't work that way,...VMs cannot be used for "backups" in that manner.  You cannot have two machines pretending to be the same machine"
ChrisSenior Technical ArchitectCommented:
yeap succinctly said

If you converted to virtual then you could use replication to give you a machine in both places as you would be moving it and not converting it
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
@ pwindell: when convert VM back to physical...the VM should be turned off , while the target is turned on and booted from PXE image.

For "VMs" to be used as backups ...i dont know where the problem in tha, lets say that i have a physica file sharing server "XX":

 Convert the "XX" to VM and keep it turned off.

 Replication will be done from physical "XX" to virtual "XX".

 When the physical "XX" is damaged due to HW failure, turn on virtual "XX" so all functions  will continue working.

Fix the physical server "XX", instead of reinstalling it...just convert the virtual "XX" back to physical server.
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
The resolution was another thing
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