slow internet but fast(ish) connection? what wrong here

Computer at home is fairly up to date, imac.
Net gear router connected wirelessly and also previously recently on ethernet.

Netgear (DG834v2) router/modem show connection speed of 3 mps. Now in our part of the woods thats not too bad, believe it or not, much better than it was.

However recently both wired and ethernet has become v slow. Shows endlessly "transferring data" and taking minutes to get to pages.

This is a fairly recent problem. No known changes have been made.

also loses connection often.
Internet provider is Zen, a UK company well regarded for speed and service.
have not contacted them yet as they will say have you checked your own set up.

Where to start?
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topUKlawyerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
changed router and seems to be OK
You may start your test from here:

If the performance looks good from your computer and your browser to the Internet, that means somewhere else of your other software is incorrectly configured.
We had an interesting experience with a private internet connection by DSL.

We used it as DSL 1000  (1 Mbit) for a long time. Suddenly the connections were slower and broke down completely.

After weeks of discussion it turned out that there were some new development areas connected to the same main line and this made the line worse to us. It could not be solved and we needed to change to a cable provider which luckily had started service some months before in the area.
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topUKlawyerAuthor Commented:
pretty sure its internal

where to start?
Internal network problems. try connecting a client directly to router. if that works fine, its problem with switch ect.

Could also be DNS latency problems if like "sites" are slow.
you may simply point your DNS servers to Google's public DNS at and
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

1)-- unplug your modem/router and connect only one computer and test your speed
2)-- Connect your network switch and check your speed.

Spped issue could be from

1) You have loops in your network, means i cable is conected twise to your router
2) A Spyeare/adware/virus in any computer
3) Your Router doest not have enough memory and when its full, router drops packets. could you please tell us how much memory your router have + what is the bandwidth you have on your wan
4) Your ISP
5) if you have ADSL line and you are using Filter, Filter can also cause.
6) check the cable loss between your ISP and Modem/router.
topUKlawyerAuthor Commented:
tried the easiest thing first
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