I have an internal app on an IIS server on windows 2008 it has a bit of a long winded way of getting to it via a browser so its servername\appname\menu is there anyway maybe within DNS that i can just type in say appmnew into a browser and it brings it up?

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When you are publishing the website on IIS it should bind with IP address and also you can provide the Host header.

Go to DNS ( if your IIS server is part of Domain ) and create a DNS A record entry

e.g.   and appnew.com

A appnew.com
You will need to use folder redirection on the root/virtual directory of the website.  You can then point it to the appropriate folder
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
bit over my head both those sorry, dont suppose there is easy steps i could follow?
poingint the a record in dns to the ip address is no problem but editing the host header?
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