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Hello, I have a published app that sits on a users workstation. Whenever this users prints from this app it takes a long time for the printing to finish. If this users submits about 10 or so print jobs, they get spooled and do show up in the printer queue. The problem is that they don't print simultaneously. I mean one spooled print job prints, and the printer waits for about 3 or so seconds, then the second spooled job prints, and the printer waits 3 or so seconds, then the 3rd spooled jobs print, etc.....    What can I do so the prints jobs print one after the other, with out this delay. I tried different physical print devices and its the same outcome.....  Any suggestions..

thank you all for your suggestions.
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David_IngledewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just add a direct IP printer on the actual server, test it from a local application (notepad etc), then try it shared to a workstation.

This should be fast with no pause.

Now try via the remote application, and check speeds again.

If you've tried this already, apologies.
here's a guess.

How fast is the connection between the server and the printer? Print jobs can be many MB insize, and if the WAN connection is not fast that may slow down the printing. This is especially true if you print to a local printer via a remote server, as in that case the job has to travel acoross the WAN twice.

If the app can print direct to a local printer, that would speed things up.
Is this only affecting a single application or all locally created jobs?
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MrMayAuthor Commented:
we are running an app that is published on a 2008 Terminal server. We print out of that app. The print jobs go to a network printer. Roughly anywhere between 10 to 20 print jobs are spooled. Each print job is about 1 sheet of paper (just numbers, no graphics). Between each spooled job there is roughly a 2-3 second pause.  I would love to eliminate that pause.
MrMayAuthor Commented:
Just to add to my comment above.  We tried printing to a locally installed printer, and even to a shared printer but its the same result.... pause between spooled print jobs. Based on the code of this program, it has to be ran off a Terminal server.
What if you add a print queue on the server, then print via that?
Should reduce the timing to get the job actually spooled in...
MrMayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply David... can you please give more description. I don't quite understand what you are saying.
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