Issues getting the PS to work on HP Laserjet 4 Parallel Printer via USB using Windows 7 x64

- Using windows 7 enterprise x64
- Installed PS driver I downloaded from HP website
When I try to print using Adobe Ilustrator, setting up the output settings to use the In-Rip Separations feaure, it prints fine but the PS does not work, meaning that when I change the ldp to 20 for instance it keeps printing the same, no differences.
I change the port to use USB001 (virtual) because LPT1 does not respond.
Problem definitely seems to be relation with the communication between Pc and printer I assume because of the Parallel Printer via USB I ma trying to use.
Can I have some advise from someone? what else Am I missing? I need this to work.
ON printers and devices I see a IEEE-1284 device not correctly installed which makes me think that a missing driver for the Parallel cable is the problem, any thoughts?
Thank you-
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Some USB parallel adaptors are better than others and the usual thing that brings them down is bi-directional communication.  In your situation it would probably make more sense to invest in a PCI card with a parallel printer port.
As for the HP LaserJet 4, I would use the built in drivers from Microsoft. The BiDirectional crap is installed by the HP drivers and is known to cause a wide variety of issue. Just make sure to search windows updates to get the basic HP LaserJet 4 driver from Microsoft.
TraxAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks both, need to correct myself, Laserjet 5100 is the right model, does this make a difference, probably not right?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Well it does give you the option to add this card which allows direct USB connectivity
But unless you have no free expansion slots the PCI card will be much cheaper.
I would still maintain that this is a driver issue. At least with the 5100 you have the options of a PS, PCL 5 and PCL 6 driver. I would start with the PCL 6 driver, but remember once you get to the "Printer Driver Selection" screen you'll need to click the "Windows Update" button.
TraxAdminAuthor Commented:
PS feature is the only one allowing the Illustrator to do the separation, printing on a "regular" basis is not the issue, instead the issue when trying to use the In-rip feature in Adobe. Output is the same as if I were using a plain and simple printer.
Directly from Adobe
If the document contains duotones from Photoshop 5.0 or later, a PostScript 3 device is required to generate in-RIP

This basically tells me you need a device that support PS 3. Looking at HP's website all they give you are the universal printer drivers (UPD). If the windows version of the PS driver does not work I would venture to bet the printer is not a PS 3 device.

If the MS drive does not work, I have two questions for you. Has this ever worked before? What has changed since you were last able to print properly?

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TraxAdminAuthor Commented:
That's great information, thank you, in the past it worked only with Windows Xp, never been used with Windows 7 64 bits.
So, if printer is not a PS 3 device then does this mean this may actually represent a perpetual problem running under Win 7 64?
Thanks again-!
If this worked on the PC running XP with the same printer connected the same way; I would say the printer is fine, but the driver is wrong. If you try the Microsoft driver and it still does not work, this would most likely mean that there is not a compatible driver for this. So, yes it would be a perpetual problem.

Please try the Microsoft drivers and let us know what happens.
TraxAdminAuthor Commented:
I already install driver from:

I finally got the printer to print but Postcript when it comes to do the separation does not work -!
Thanks again-
Correct, that is the HP UPD.

To install the driver from Windows update you'll add a new printer. Select the USB port as you did before and click next. On the add driver page you'll first click "Windows Update" and select the driver highlighted in the attached picture and click next. You'll continue installing the printer as you did before.
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