Software Install Fails

I am looking for specific software I can install on my Windows 7 64bit system that can watch other software installs and give me information when an install crashes. I need to know what's going on within the system when it crashes in hopes I can find out what might be conflicting with it. I have found a few but I'm not sure what works best for my situation. Most I've found just take snapshots before and after letting you see what changed. I need something more in-depth than that...if it even exists.

Any help would be much appreciated.

This system is a brand new HP 6200 Pro which meet all the developers minimum requirements.

What I have tried is removing Norton Security Suite with the removal tool, disabled all non-essential startup and services within MSCONFIG.
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cbogganAuthor Commented:
NOTE I have also disabled the firewall and have no antivirus installed
AshokSr. Software EngineerCommented:
FYI:  Some software written in 32-bit will not install on 64-bit.

Is your software you are trying to install 64-bit?

In some case, you may have to install 32-bit software in 32-bit mode.

cbogganAuthor Commented:
This software is designed to install on 64bit.
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R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
I've seen a lot of installs fail in windows 7 especially if they don't check requirements properly, flash has been repeatedly caused issue, as well as .Net 1x and older C++ redistributable files.
cbogganAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the comments but it does offer what I'm after:

"I am looking for specific software I can install on my Windows 7 64bit system that can watch other software installs and give me information when an install crashes."
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
processmon filemon diskmon from sysinternals are probably the best best bets I know of but most install crashes are from things not being where the installer thinks they're going to be so I'm not sure the logs are going to help much.

you also might be able to use a reverse engineering tool and step through re-compilling the executable.
cbogganAuthor Commented:
I was thinking more on the lines of something like Spector Pro, which was an given to me from another source.

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cbogganAuthor Commented:
No other statement really gave me an answer. I was told other routes I could take where I was only asking if there was a software package that could do it.
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