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Internal DNS

I am in the process of point to a exteral mail server. I was hosting my own exchange system in house but I am in the process of switching over to an external mail client. My DNS would point to the internal mail exchange mail.hchd.us but the new external mail client uses the same name mail.hchd.us. When I ping internally it will ping back the internal ip address which is not what I want. How to I clearn out the old mail exchange to point to the external mail client.
2 Solutions
Darius GhassemCommented:
Did you update your internal MX record to point to the external IP address? Go into DNS to update this record
If you don't need internal dns record mail.hchd.us, you can change it to the new public IP address of public mail.hchd.us

If you have to keep the internal DNS mail.hchd.us, I suggest you use the public IP address instead of mail.hchd.us when you configure the new external mail client.

The other way to do this is to use host file in your computer running external mail client.  I recommend you read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_%28file%29
to find the host file and add a entry define the public IP address for mail.hchd.us.
As dariusg and CHENGH stated, just deleted the record from your internal DNS server, my other two cents, flush your DNS cache from your DNS server and clients as well.
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dude02Author Commented:
I did delete mail.hchd.us from the DNS which did work for several computers but other computers on the same network get this message when I try to ping the outside mail server: C:\Users\admin>ping mail.hchd.us
Ping request could not find host mail.hchd.us. Please check the name and try again.  

I am not sure why some computers have no problem pinging mail.hchd.us and others I am getting the above message. What should I do to correct this message? I did restart those computers with no luck. I can ping other sites with no problem but those computers seem to be looking for that old mail client.
How many DNS servers do you have? Are all clients computers using the same DNS server?

You deleted mail.hchd.us from the DNS server, but you may need add a record of mail.hchd.us and set it with the public ip address

You can run the command nslookup in Command Prompt from the client computer, it will tell you which dns server you are using. Then type mail.hchd.us see what the ip is.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Also, could be sitting in DNS cache. Try doing ipconfig /flushdns and on DNS servers flush the DNS cache
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