Website SEO drop

I have a website I have been working on for a while. It was up to page 2 for "Greeley Web Design" but after making a few design changes it has dropped off completely. Does anyone know if I did something wrong or if  it was just the fact that I was making some changes that caused me to drop off.

My site is:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I don't know how much it has to do with it but you could fix the last few errors on your site.  Other than that, it looks like you have a lot of competition.  Advertising?  Back Links?
BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
I cleaned up that code, but I would that cause me to fall off the map? My advertising and back links haven't changed since I fell off googles radar.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The why is probably because Google changed their ranking system again.  They do that fairly often.
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BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
Are there any optimization changes I need to make to accommodate this ranking system change?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Google doesn't give specifics basically so people can't just fake them out.  But they have a lot of general info starting here:
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
at most you could drop about 50 positions overnight

see if you can find yourself in the first 20 pages. if not you are likely blocked from google
BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
I am not in the first 20 pages. What could have been the reason for getting blocked by google? About a month ago this site got hacked and I had to remove malware, but that was taken care of a while ago and it didn't effect my ranking right away.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
engines do not update over night

it usually takes a few weeks to a month and a half to affect ranks after they crawl through you.

this is because they have to moderate things and whatnot. if you got hacked and new pages from your site entered the search engine with things that linked to child sites or other banned topics, you would join the blacklist.

hope this helps
BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
Will google block my site if I have multiple domain pointing to the same site? Like and
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
it might,

it has happened to me before
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
It may help if you include the phrase Greeley Web Design in the content of your home page.

I'd suspect there is not much competition for that phrase so small differences like having the exact phrase on the website would help.

Did your changes involve new copy that removed your targeted phrase?

Read your SEO page:

Basic SEO will include simple research of keywords and phrases and proper placement of the keywords into the site either through the meta tags or through content.

You're not doing placement of the keywords in the content.

Also, keywords in meta tags has no influence on ranking so is not beneficial in SEO.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
I think it may have been dropped, for seo practices you can visit various sites, but it would not explain why it doesnt not show up at all

try using the alexia rank, see if it shows you the correct page you are on

if not, send a question to google staff

Personally i had my company website listed under 'E-commerce' Ranking #2
at 'web promotions', one of my sites was 1,2,4,5 another was 3,6,7,11 a third was 8,9,12,13 and the fourth was 10,14,15,17

since they all linked to the main site it got banned, so perhaps something like that happened to you.

or maybe you just fell off the chart and are now page 500

so, first check, and secondly send the staff an  e-mail

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BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
I submitted my site for reconsideration. Is there another/better way to contact google?
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
unfortunately, no

unless you have some kind of personal connections
they are also very reluctant on getting back to people
BDC-NetAuthor Commented:
I kind of figured so... thanks for the help.
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