C#.NET - Search, Replace and Update Text Files

I need to write a C#.NET console application that can do the following:

- Read in all text files in a given directory.
- Search each text file in the specified path for a particular text pattern.
- If it does not find the text pattern, it does nothing, and moves on to the next file.
- If it does find the text pattern, it must delete a certain amount of text, stopping at the next place it finds the characters HL*, then update a counter at the bottom of the text file so it shows 7 less than it originally did.

I'm a C#.NET web developer, and know nothing about writing console applications and performing the actions I specified above.  Any help is very appreciated!!

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David L. HansenConnect With a Mentor Programmer AnalystCommented:
Here is one that might get you started.

You can do what you are proposing in C# certainly, however, powershell is built for just this sort of thing.  Would you consider looking down that path?  It would be less code and probably faster in execution as well.  I just bring it up because it sounds like you are going to be going through a learning curve either way.
David L. HansenProgrammer AnalystCommented:
May I recommend a look through of this tutorial, then start some coding based on that...at that point I/we can help you through with the rest of it.  Sound good?

fcsITAuthor Commented:
That's in VB.NET.  I write in C#.NET.
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fcsITAuthor Commented:
Powershell would be fine by me.  I've been wanting to get into that!  :)
David L. HansenProgrammer AnalystCommented:
Great, good luck with it.  You'll find some great powershell experts here.
Brent ChallisPrincipal: ITCommented:
Are you interested in a PowerShell solution, or have you already sorted it out?
fcsITAuthor Commented:
If you have an example I can work from, yes please.  That would save me a ton of time!!
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