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I have two sql statements that I need to combine but I am not sure how to do that.  One is an  xmltype statement.  I need to add the scn.test_id as the key field to the xml on the bottom.

test_set_e left  
test_sceen scn
scn.test_id = left.test_id
and diff.test_elem_compr_fld_nm = fn.field_name


with myXML as (
xmlcol from test_element_compr_field_diff
where isvalid(TEST_ELEM_DIFF_RELATED_FLD_NM) = 1)
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/deviceName') "DeviceName",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/meterNumber/VAL1') "Meter No 1",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/meterNumber/VAL2') "Meter No 2",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/revenueUploadIndicatorCode') "Rev Upload",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/sourceSystemName') "Source System",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/sourceSystemServerName/VAL1') "Server Name 1",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/sourceSystemServerName/VAL2') "Server Name 2",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/softwareVersion/VAL1') "Software Ver 1",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/softwareVersion/VAL2') "Software Ver 2",
extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/transactionName') "Transaction"
from myXML
where extractvalue(xmlcol,'/system/deviceName') IS NOT NULL

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can you post sample data and expected results?

are you asking to have the xml results modified with an extra child node? or an extra column or what?
j2911Author Commented:
I am looking a way to add the extra column "scn.test_id" field added to the xml query.
j2911Author Commented:
I'm not sure how to create a regular query with the xml query and pull in more data.
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what is the correlation  between them?

your xml comes from this table:  test_element_compr_field_diff

your test_id comes from these tables:  test_set_e & test_sceen

your first query references diff, but I don't see a clear connection.

please post sample data and expected results

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j2911Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay.  I'm having problems gathering data today - we're having problems with the database.

The xml is coming off of a blob field in the field diff.test_elem_diff_related_fld_nm that you can see in the second part of the data.  

The following may be better to understand.

test_set_element left,
compare_result pair,
compr_field_diff diff,
test_sceen scn
pair.test_elem_compr_left_side_id = left.test_id
and scn.test_id = left.test_id
and diff.test_elem_compr_rsult_ID = pair.test_elem_compr_rsult_ID
and pair.run_id = cr.run_id
j2911Author Commented:
I'm going to close this up because I cannot gather the data for now.  We are in development and the database that I was using is undergoing major changes and I cannot provide you with what is needed.  Thank you for trying.
I appreciate the points but if I my posts weren't helpful and you're unable to pursue it further at this time then I recommend deleting the question.

My "trying" is sort of irrelevant.

If, I was helpful though, even if you can't implement things quite yet, then we can leave it as is.
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