HOw do i check tracert for email

I have an exchange 2010 server onsite.  What is the command or is there a webased tool to see how emails are currently being routed?  Are they going through quite a few different servers?
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abdulalikhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use message tracking for internal and external routing for verification. The internal emails are routed based on Active Directory Site and Services connection. For external routing you can only know the email status and the next IP on which email is routed.

To know the number of hops the email routes through is depended on the network connectivity and can be traced through tracert.
You can tracert to the recipient MX. I mean if you want to send an email to hotmail. Tracert to MX server.
fstincAuthor Commented:
fstincAuthor Commented:
thanks. I appreciate the clarification.
And note that the route taken across the internet may be different from one hour to the next.

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